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|Customer Testimonials|

" Kensington Chimes is my first choice always. They are absolutely brilliant and very helpful and resourceful. The musician colleagues who work at Kensington Chimes are professional and delightful. A joy! Highly recommended."

Jacqueline Cole, Concert Pianist, January 2017


"Kensington Chimes is my first choice for buying music. The Staff are all incredibly friendly and will go to all lengths to help me find what I'm looking for. I would recommend this store to anyone!"

Nicolla Benedetti, Professional Violinist, June 2015


"Thanks for your great service - I'm lucky to have access to such a great resource, and it's an added bonus that you're all so friendly and helpful!"

Jan Newman, Head of Keyboard at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, June 2014


"I was delighted with the recent service that I received from the Chimes Shop.  I took a violin bow in for rehair and it was delayed in coming back from the rehairer because he had become very busy.  The staff were so helpful and ended up hand delivering me the bow personally at my home in Golders Green...I have to say that I was extremely impressed with their care and service!"

Jessica Sharp, May 2014 


"The incredibly good and helpful Chimes Music Shop have been trying to track down the Zielinski Trio for MB. They have tried all sorts of routes to no avail- and had another go this week with a different source. Thanks so much for trying to track this down I'm really sorry you had to work so hard on it for no result but I do appreciate the effort you put in."

Dr Kate Romano , March 2014


''.. just a quick note to say 'thank you' for arranging the swap of the violins this morning ... it was very helpful. Please also say 'thanks' again from us to your colleague who brought the new violin. We greatly appreciate it.''

Prof Dr Mine Dogantan Dack, School of Media and Performing Arts, Middlesex University, March 2014


"Your fulfilment of our large number of everyday orders is impressively efficient and your willingness to work with us to find the best ordering systems for the school hugely helpful.  However, beyond this, your more complex service in researching publishers, editions, and suppliers is invaluable.  You are a consultancy as much as a music shop, and I consistently trust that a question asked of you will be answered promptly, accurately and with a high level of specialist knowledge.

In short, Chimes bucks the trend of declining ‘personal’ service; for Chimes, nothing is too much trouble."  

Helen Cocks, London Oratory School


"Good music shops are getting harder and harder to find. Chimes is one of the best; buy ALL of your music there and help this terrific establishment to flourish for years to come!"

John Wilson, Conductor, Arranger and musicologist, January 2014


"It is good to know that I can rely on the staff at Chimes Music to search out any piece, no matter how obscure and unlikely. Service is always quick, good-natured and efficient. Far more satisfying than faceless on-line shopping!"

Steven Isserlis, Cellist, January 2014


"Received my mouthpiece this morning, its hell of a blow - I' m very happy with your sevice and product, thanks."

Dennis Addy, January 2014


"Many thanks to you all in the shop for keeping me so well supplied.  I really appreciate your willingness, knowledge, good natures and an altogether excellent service."

Tim Boulton, music educator in Cornwall', December 2013


 "Chimes is so much more than a normal music shop.  Over years I've made numerous requests for unusual repertoire, specific editions or types of edition, sources for performing material whether for hire or sale, etc;  the Chimes staff has never failed to research my requests efficiently and deliver the goods, quickly too!  It's nice to be able to acknowledge such a high level of service publicly."

David Roblou, November 2013


"Thanks so much for your kind email and it's so good to know that there are wonderful, helpful people like yourself .... out there; it makes my job so much easier."

Sue Shortridge, Chandos Records Limited, September 2013



"Thank you so much for all your help with our music this year. You are all stars! I was very impressed when the bulk of the music arrived it was all in concert order. That's customer service at its best."

Peter Baker, Leicester International Music Festival, July 2013


"I have a regular account and only just ordered Britten's Canticle V yesterday, which I have gratefully received. Many thanks for being so quick!"

Greg Tassell, May 2013



"Hi, Just to say that the trumpet you have hired to me was perfect for our needs ... many grateful thanks "

Diane Edwards, April 2013


"Many thanks to everyone for all your help in processing our orders this academic year.  It's so fantastic to be able to tell all of our visiting music teachers that they can rely on your expertise when placing their orders, and to know that we can always rely on prompt deliveries."


Jo Appleby, Music Dept Secretary - St Peter's School York,  July 2012 



"A neatly wrapped package landed in my mailbox this morning, and from it emerged 3 pristine books ... The package truly was in perfect condition, thanks to the sturdy cardboard someone so carefully cut to just match the book size.  It came through our postal system intact, and that is definitely not the norm."


Coleen Metcalfe, British Columbia, June 2012



"Wow, the bugle just arrived in top condition, sounds wonderful, looks fantastic. Can't wait to play it on parade."

 Andrew Weir, Wellington Brass Band, City of Wellington Pipe Band, New Zealand, May 2012


"Wow – my Korgs have just arrived, approximately two hours after ordering them.  Now that’s what I call service!  I can’t even get a suit drycleaned in that time…"

Daniel Webb, Director of Music, South Hampstead High School, North London for a delivery made via our van, April 2012 


"My scores arrived in pristine condition yesterday afternoon, and I would like to thank you for your assistance, and the excellent service of Chimes Music. I hope to purchase music from you again in the near future."

K.F, Dublin, April 2012


"Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the music I ordered from you.  It has just arrived in excellent condition, due to your careful packaging; and I am thrilled that it got here so quickly. "

E.R, January 2012


"The shop has a great range of sheet music and accessories as well as instruments for everyone...their friendly staff have a wealth of knowledge and are able to help you with any musical query - they are all qualified musicians with over 100 years of experience between them! Chimes is an independent shop, and they really care about their customers (who travel far and wide) so we don't mind blowing their trumpet!"

 LondonPortrait Magazine Issue 6, September/October 2011


"Thank you for another fantastic service - the Bach has safely arrived with me. I really appreciate your promptness and efficiency - I now have all music ready for our first rehearsal on Thursday."

C.L. Hedges, September 2011


"Thank you so much for the 3 Messiah scores this morning - what a quick and excellent service"

 Deborah Radford, June 2011, Director of Music, St. Marys School, Shaftesbury


"Well I am sorry it has not resulted in a sale, which we would have made if it was available but nonetheless we will pursue the hire option. It confirms my belief that Chimes Music Shop is one of the best and most reliable in the world and so I will continue to sing your praises!"

Stuart G Sherwood, Head of Department (Music), Auckland Grammar School, New Zealand, April 2011


"As always, I am very grateful for your speedy services."

 Andrew Baars, Director of Music, Sydenham High School, January 2011


"Just a note to say a huge thank you to those involved in my choral music order this year. It was rather complicated with, I think, 3 separate orders of the same music and, as usual, you came up trumps! I have just received the last part of the order and sorted it into packs; thank goodness that is the last for this year - between us I think that we have processed over 1000 individual pieces of music! I very much appreciate the effort and helpfulness of everyone and would like to wish you all, albeit early, a happy festive season."

Rosemary Turner, November 2010, MD of Vocal Harem, Tavistock, Devon


"Many thanks for your wonderful attention and speedy service - second to none!"

Laurie Connal, August 2010


"Thank you for your help, which is typical of the excellent service I've received for the last 15 years."

Antony Colman, August 2010


"Chimes is the musician's shop. It combines a great stock with enthusiastic ability at obtaining rarer materials. For a London based musician, there's no reason to go elsewhere!"

Peter Sheppard Skaerved, August 2010. Violinist


"At the end of yet another day when I reflect that no-one knows anything any more, my thoughts turn to the lovely staff at Chimes, procuring even the most esoteric scores with expertise, knowledge and humour. Good deeds in a naughty world"

Andrew Keener, July 2010. Independent Recording Producer


"Thank you for such very prompt service. There's nothing like real people in a real bookshop!"

Ellen, July 2010


"Since 1981 I have purchased all my music from Chimes Music. The wonderfully efficient staff have looked after me, first as a student at the RCM, then when I was at Glyndebourne and since 1994 in my role as Music Director of the Dallas Opera. Everything from Ades through to Zemlinsky has been researched and found with speed and charm!"

Graeme Jenkins, July 2010


"Chimes is the best and how would I have done without it."

Mitsuko Uchida, June 2010


"The 12 days of Christmas has arrived: This is a five-star service. Many thanks indeed"

 Dr Edward Higginbottom, December 2008. Director of Music New College Oxford