ABRSM Double Bass Grade 7, 2020-2023

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Grade 7 Scales
ABRSM Double Bass Scales Grades 6-8

Grade 7 Sight-reading
ABRSM Double Bass Specimen Sight-Reading, Grades 6-8

Grade 7 Aurals
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 7 (book only)
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 7 (book and CD)
ABRSM Aural Training in Practice, Grades 6-8 (book and CD)

Grade 7 Pieces
One piece must be chosen from each of Lists A, B and C:

1 Beethoven Minuet, arr. Zimmerman Solos for the Double Bass Player (G. Schirmer)
2 Capuzzi Allegro, 1st movt from Concerto in D (Yorke)
3 Cimador Allegro, 3rd movt from Concerto in G (Yorke)
4 Dragonetti Waltz No. 3 from 12 Waltzes (8va optional), Dragonetti: 12 Waltzes for Double Bass Solo (Henle)
5 Galliard Allegro, 2nd movt from Sonata in F (IMC)
6 attrib. Giovannino Allegro, 1st movt from Sonata in F) (Yorke)
7 Handel Adagio and Allegro, 1st and 2nd movts from Viola da Gamba Sonata in C), arr. Heyes, Handel: Gamba Sonata in C (Recital Music)
8 B. Marcello Adagio and Allegro, 1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in A minor, Op. 2 No. 3, (IMC) or B. Marcello: Six Sonatas (G. Schirmer)
9 Telemann Allegro (4th movt from Sonata in A minor, TWV 41:a6), trans. Sankey Telemann: Sonata in A minor (IMC)
10 Vivaldi Largo and Allegro, 1st and 2nd movts from Sonata No. 2 in F, RV 41, (low Cs & Ds may be adapted in cello edns) Vivaldi: Sonata No. 2 in F major, trans. Zimmermann (IMC) or Vivaldi: Complete Sonatas for Violoncello (Bärenreiter) or Vivaldi: Six Sonatas for Violoncello (Schott)

1 J. S. Bach Largo, from BWV 1056, arr. Close & Sassmannshaus Concert Pieces for Double Bass (Bärenreiter)
2 Glinka Susanin’s Aria, arr. Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka: Two Russian Arias (Recital Music)
3 Hegner Romance (Recital Music)
4 Jacob Largo, 2nd movt from A Little Concerto) (Yorke)
5 Pichl Andante molto, 2nd movt from Concerto in C (Bartholomew)
6 Ratez Cantabile, No. 2 from Six pièces caractéristiques, Op. 46, (Billaudot) or Ratez: Characteristic Pieces, Book 1 (Recital Music)
7 Rossini Une larme (Recital Music)
8 Schumann Träumerei, Op. 15 No. 7, arr. Heyes Miniatures, Book 2 (Recital Music)
9 Verdi Aria, from Rigoletto, arr. Zimmerman Solos for the Double Bass Player (G. Schirmer)
10 J. P. Waud Novelette Yorke Solos for Double Bass, Vol. 1 (Yorke)

1 D. Bourgeois Tempo di valse, No. 4 from Fantasy Pieces for Double Bass (Brass Wind)
2 Boguslaw Furtok Concert Piece Early Start on the Double Bass, Vol. 3 (Bärenreiter)
3 Hester The Bull Steps Out (Yorke)
4 B. Hummel Allegro, 1st movt from Sonatina, Op. 69b (Simrock)
5 Dennis Leogrande May I? (Spartan Press)
6 Noskowski Elegy Polonaise Miniatures, Book 1 (Recital Music)
7 Armand Russell Chaconne Solos for the Double Bass Player (G. Schirmer)
8 Simandl Tempo di polacca, arr. Durkee Suzuki Bass School, Vol. 4 (Alfred)
9 Bertram Turetzky Pacific Parables (Recital Music)
10 David Walter The Elephant’s Gavotte (Yorke)

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