ABRSM Treble Recorder Grade 6, (2018 – 2021)

ABRSM LogoPlease use the links below to find the titles recommended in the ABRSM Exam Syllabus:

Grade 6 Scales
ABRSM Scales and Arpeggios for Treble Recorder, Grades 6-8

Grade 6 Sight Reading
ABRSM specimen sight reading tests, Grade 6-8

Grade 6 Aurals
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 6 (book only)
ABRSM Specimen Aural Tests, Grade 6 (book and CD)
ABRSM Aural Training in Practice, Grades 6-8 (book and CD)

Grade 6 Pieces
THREE PIECES: one chosen by the candidate from each of the three lists

1 Dornel Chaconne in F Baroque Recorder Anthology for Alto Recorder, Vol. 3 (Schott)
2 Finger Adagio and Allegro (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in D minor) (Schott)
3 Telemann Vivace and Largo (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in F, TWV 41:F2) Schott Recorder Library (Schott) or Telemann: Sonata in F, TWV 41:F2 (Schott) or Telemann: Four Sonatas from Der getreue Musikmeister (Bärenreiter)
4 Frescobaldi Canzona No. 5 Frescobaldi: Canzoni (Doblinger)
5 Handel Adagio and Allegro (2nd and 3rd movts from Sonata in B♭ (Fitzwilliam Sonata No. 1), HWV 377) Handel: Complete Sonatas for Recorder (Faber or Bärenreiter) or Handel: The Fitzwilliam Sonatas (Schott)
6 B. Marcello Adagio and Allegro (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in F, Op. 2 No. 1)
B. Marcello: Sonatas for Treble Recorder, Op. 2, Vol. 1 (Bärenreiter) or B. Marcello: 12 Sonatas for Flute, Op. 2, Vol. 1 (Editio Musica Budapest)
7 D. Ortiz Recercada segunda sobre ‘O Felici Occhi Miei’, arr. Rosenberg The Renaissance Recorder (Treble) (Boosey & Hawkes)
8 Telemann Aria 2 and Aria 3 (3rd and 4th movts from Partita No. 3 in C minor, TWV 41:c1) Telemann: Die kleine Kammermusik: 6 Partiten (Amadeus or Bärenreiter)
9 Vivaldi Allegro non molto (1st movt from Concerto in F, RV 442, F. VI No. 1) recorder to play in tuttis Vivaldi: Concerto in F, F. VI No. 1 for Flute (IMC or Ricordi) or Vivaldi: Concerto in F, RV 442 (Girolamo Musikverlag)
10 Woodcock Allegro (1st movt from Concerto No. 2 in G) recorder to play in tuttis Woodcock: Concerto No. 2 in G for Descant Recorder (Doblinger or Faber)

1 M. Arnold Cantilena (1st movt from Sonatina, Op. 41) M. Arnold: Sonatina, Op. 41 (Novello)
2 Christopher Ball A Summer Day (Peacock Press)
3 Bender Sehr lebhaft (3rd movt from Sonata for Treble Recorder) (Schott)
4 Alan Bullard Mexican Hat Dance (No. 3 from Hat Box) (Forsyth)
5 Peter Dickinson Homage to Poulenc (No. 3 from Pastorale, Blues and Homage) (Novello)
6 Golland Blues (No. 2 from New World Dances, Op. 62) flutter-tonguing optional (Forsyth)
7 Hand Plaint for Tenor Recorder (Schott)
8 Guus Haverkate Take Four or Butterflie (from Jazzin’ 1)(Peacock Press)
9 W. Leigh Allegretto (1st movt from Sonatina for Treble Recorder) (Schott)
10 Milford Moderato (1st movt from Sonatina in F)(OUP)

1 Sally Adams Artemis Dances No. 48 descant from 50 Graded Studies for Recorder (Faber)
2 J. S. Bach Rondeau No. 38 from Altblockflöten-Solobuch (Schott) or 15 Solos by Eighteenth-century Composers (Schott)
3 Elizabeth Cooper Study in F (No. 2 from 10 Advanced Studies) (Peacock Press)
4 van Eyck Wilhelmus van Nassouwen (from Der Fluyten Lust-hof) Theme and Modo 2, 3 & 4 van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 1 (XYZ) or van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-hof, Vol. 2 (Amadeus)
5 Gariboldi Study in G No. 103 from 150 Classical Studies (Universal)
6 Guus Haverkate Rumba (No. 1 from 12 Advanced Studies in Recorder Technique, Book 1 for Descant Recorder) (Broekmans & Van Poppel)
7 E. Köhler Study No. 10, Treble Recorder Studies, Book 2 (Cramer)
8 Hans- Linde Allegro vivace (No. 13 from Modern Exercises for Treble Recorder)(Schott)
9 Telemann Affettuoso (1st movt from Fantasia No. 9 in G, TWV 40:10), arr. Harras or arr. Robinson Telemann: 12 Fantasias for Treble Recorder (Bärenreiter) or P. 46 from The Solo Recorder, Vol. 1 (Peacock Press)
10 Trad. Japanese Sakurá, trans. Saunders complete Eight Traditional Japanese Pieces for Tenor/Descant Recorder (Novello)

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