E♭ Soprano Cornet: Grade 7

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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades 6 to 8 OR Brass Band Extracts (music may be used) — Candidates prepare all extracts. Candidates choose one extract to play first. Examiners then select one of the remaining two prepared extracts to be performed.

1. Howells: Pageantry (no. 35, passages 1 & 2)
2. Ball: Tournament for Brass (no. 49, passages 2 & 3)
3. Wilby: Masquerade (no. 28, passage 1)
Extracts from Our Heritage vol. 6 (Con Moto) CMT2006

Trinity Sight reading Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Aural Test books Grades 6 to8

Soprano Cornet Pieces for Grade 7

Group A
Ball, Mountain Melody (Brand) 70033
Carmichael, Stardust, A Little Light Music for Horn in E♭ (Brass Wind) 2124
Donizetti, Solo per Oboe, E♭ Solo Book (Warwick) TR030
Elgar, The Serious Doll, E♭ Solo Book (Warwick) TR030
Graham,Time for Peace or Swedish Hymn, Gramercy Solo Album E♭, (Gramercy)
Handel, Bourée (MfB)
Kodály, Háry János, It’s a Classic for E♭ Horn, (Brass Wind) 2125
Parker, Soldier, Soldier, The Music of Jim Parker for Horn in E♭ (Brass Wind) 1137
Walton, Black Ice, no. 5, Alpine Adventures, (Sound the Trumpets)
Walton, Ranoon, Spectre (Sound the Trumpets)

Group B
J S Bach, Study no. 11 in F, The Well-Tempered Player (Winwood) 0015
McKenzie, Klezmer, Rhythms of Life (Con Moto) CMT1007
Vizzutti, Study no. 11 of Rhythmic Etudes, Trumpet Method book 3: Melodic Studies (Alfred) 3393

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