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Orchestral Extracts required for the technical exam can be found in Orchester Probespiel: Double Bass

Double Bass Pieces for Grade 8
Candidates perform a balanced programme of three pieces chosen from the list below, containing at least one piece from each group. Only one unaccompanied piece may be chosen. Pieces by at least two composers must be played. Only one all pizzicato piece may be played. An own composition may be played instead of one listed piece. Pieces marked ?must be unaccompanied.

Group A,
Bottesini, Rêverie in D, (McTier) MM203
Chapuis, Choral, (Recital) RM188
Dittersdorf, Adagio (2nd movt from Concerto no. 2) (without cadenza), Concertos for Double Bass, (Yorke) YE0059
Fauré, Sicilienne, op. 78, Double Bass Collection: Concert Pieces for Double Bass and Piano, (Bärenreiter) BA9696
Furtok, Elegie, Double Bass Collection: Concert Pieces for Double Bass and Piano, (Bärenreiter) BA9696
Geissel, Adagio, Solos for the Double Bass Player, (Schirmer) GS33083
Gouffé, Concertino, op. 10, (Billaudot) R19143
Hauta-aho, Miniature, (Recital) RM391
Kohaut, Allegro (1st movt from Concerto for Double Bass), (Yorke) YE0094
Nielsen, arr. Korda, Romance, Fantasy Pieces, op. 2, (AMP) 103
Rameau, arr. Sterling, Tambourin, Two Eighteenth-Century Pieces, (Stainer & Bell) H468
Ratez, Scherzo, op. 46 no. 5, Characteristic Pieces book 2, (Recital) RM190
Tuláček, Berceuse or Chant d’amour or Valse miniature, Three Pieces for Double Bass & Piano, (Recital) RM021
Verdi, arr. Bottesini, Air d’il Trovatore, Arias for Double Bass & Piano, (Yorke) YE0023
Wilson, Aria Da Capo, (Recital) RM484

Group B,
A Ben Ezra, Can’t Stop Running, (Ezra) [Available as download only from the composer]
Benstead, Finale, no. 4, Four Episodes, (Yorke) YE0085
Breuer, Allegro con brio (3rd movt from Sonatine), (Breitkopf) BG506
Cimador, Allegro (1st movt from Concerto in G), (Yorke) YE0003
Dragonetti, Allegro maestoso (1st movt from Concerto in C major), (Recital) RM346
Dragonetti, Waltz no. 7? or Waltz no. 11?, 12 Waltzes, (Henle) HN847
Eccles, Corrente and Adagio (2nd and 3rd movts from Sonata in G minor), (IMC) 1712
Eisengräßer, Variations on a Favourite Syrian Folk Song (without var. 1, 2 & 3), Festival Performance Bass Solos, (Fischer, piano accomp.) BF5
Gajdoš, Capriccio no. 5?, Selected Works for Bass, (Presser) 414-41178
Handel, Adagio and (Allegro) (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in C minor), Solos for the Double Bass Player, (Schirmer) GS33083
Jacob, Introduction and Scherzo, A Little Concerto, (Yorke) YE0032
Keÿper, Rondo , Romance and Rondo, (Yorke) YE0030
Lorenzetti, Gavotte, (Bartholomew) BMP003
Osborne, Blues with a Swing , Moving On Again!, (Recital) RM419
Pergolesi, arr. Elliott, Comodo and (Allegro) (1st and 2nd movts from Sinfonia in F major), (Bartholomew) BMP010
Pichl, ed. Elliott, (Allegro) moderato (1st movt from Concerto in C major), (Bartholomew) BMP007
Quantz, ed. Russell, Adagio and (Allegro) (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata in G major), (Recital) RM320
Reynolds, Hornpipe, (Bartholomew) BMP004
Romberg, Rondo – Allegretto (3rd movt from Sonata in E minor, op. 38 no. 1), (IMC) 3097
Vivaldi, trans. (Zimmermann), Largo and (Allegro) (1st and 2nd movts from Sonata no. 3 in A minor, RV 43), (IMC) 1474

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