Trinity Jazz Clarinet – Grade 2

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Clarinet Pieces for Grade 2
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. One or two of these must be a piece containing improvisation, which is indicated with an asterisk (*). Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition.

Group A
Bennett, Gloomy Jack, Jazz Club Clarinet, Grades 1-2, (Faber) 7531A
Ellington, C Jam Blues* (with improv.), Jazz Sessions — Clarinet, (Faber)
Gershwin, He Loves and She Loves, Play Jazztime for Clarinet and Piano, (Faber)
Gershwin, ’S Wonderful, Play Gershwin for B♭ Clarinet, (Faber)
Hamer, Easy Going* (with improv.), Play it Cool — Clarinet, (Spartan) SP561
Hampton, Didgeri Blues* (with improv.), Groove Lab — Clarinet, (Faber)
Harvey, Swinging Quavers or Hunkafunk, Easy Jazzy Clarinet, (Universal) UE 19214
Miles, Abigail’s Song*, Creative Variations vol. 1, (Camden) CM181
Miles/Wilson, Appassionata* (p. 26, CD track 20), The Scales Wizard, (Camden) CM187
Norton, Off the Rails, p. 12 [clarinet 1 part, with CD track 9 or 10], Boosey Woodwind Method: Clarinet book 2, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Norton, Serious Minded or Solitary, The Microjazz Clarinet Collection 1, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Norton, Tread Softly, The Microjazz Clarinet Collection 2, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Rae, As If?, In The Groove for Clarinet and Piano, (Reedimensions) RD037
Rae, Hangin’ Loose, Easy Blue Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21261
Rae, Solid Fuel*, Jazz Zone — Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21031
Weill, Speak Low from One Touch of Venus), Take Another Ten for Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21169
J Wilson, J’s Dream*, Creative Variations vol. 1, (Camden) CM181
J Wilson, Module 2: A or B or C*, Progressive Guide to Melodic Jazz Improvisation, (Trinity) GSM 10547

Group B
Bennett, Early Doors, Jazz Club Clarinet, Grades 1-2, (Faber) 7531A
R Purcell, Sometime Soon, Scaling the Heights, (Astute) AM24211
Rae, Off to the Match! or Wigwam Rock, Mosaics Clarinet Book 1, (Trinity) TG 009289
Rae, Stake-Out, no. 13, Style Workout for Solo Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21301
Rae, No. 5 or no. 8, Track and Field, (Reedimensions) RD090
Stokes, No. 6, Easy Jazz Singles for Clarinet, (Hunt) HE53
J Wilson, Round Dorian, no. 3 or High and Low, no. 4, Times Ten: Jazz Studies for Clarinet, (Camden) CM152

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