Trinity Jazz Clarinet – Grade 4

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Clarinet Pieces for Grade 4
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. One or two of these must be a piece containing improvisation, which is indicated with an asterisk (*). Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition.

Group A
Bacharach, Bayer-Sager, Cross & Allen, Arthur’s Theme (The Best You Can Do), Take Ten for Clarinet and Piano, (Universal) UE 19736
Gershwin, Bidin’ My Time, All Jazzed Up for Clarinet, (Brass Wind) 0303
Gershwin, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off, Play Gershwin for B♭ Clarinet, (Faber)
Gershwin, Someone To Watch Over Me, Play Jazztime for Clarinet and Piano, (Faber)
Joplin, Peacherine Rag, Jazzed Up Too for Clarinet, (Brass Wind) 1306
Miles, Three Views of Orford*, Creative Variations vol. 1, (Camden) CM181
Miles/Wilson, From the Bottom Up* (p. 19, CD track 14) or Unresolved* (p. 30, CD track 23), The Scales Wizard, (Camden) CM187
Norton, Stick Together or Swing Out Sister, The Microjazz Clarinet Collection 2, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Pilling, Hafiz Zahran* (with improv.), Jazz Sessions — Clarinet, (Faber)
Rae, Ice ’n’ Slice, Take Another Ten for Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21169
Rae, Midnight Oil, Blue Clarinet, (Universal) UE 19764
Rae, Skidaddle!*, Jazz Zone — Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21031
Sands, Beginner’s Blues, Jazzy Clarinet 1, (Universal) UE 18826
Washington, I’m Getting Sentimental Over You, Play Jazztime for Clarinet and Piano, (Faber)
J Wilson, Emma, Girl Names, (Camden) CM063
J Wilson, Hey Joe … Let’s Meet*, Creative Variations vol. 1, (Camden) CM181
J Wilson, Module 4: A or B or C*, Progressive Guide to Melodic Jazz Improvisation, (Trinity) GSM 10547

Group B
R Purcell, Jack-the-Lad, Scaling the Heights, (Astute) AM24211
Rae, Tumbledown Blues, no. 11 or Movin’, no. 17, 40 Modern Studies for Solo Clarinet, (Universal) UE 19735
Rae, Full On, no. 18, Style Workout for Solo Clarinet, (Universal) UE 21301
Rae, No. 13, Track and Field, (Reedimensions) RD047
Rae, No. 43 or no. 46, Jazz Clarinet Studies†, (Faber) – Formerly no. 57 or no. 60 from Progressive Jazz Studies for B♭ Clarinet: Easy Level. (Faber)
Candidates may use either edition
Stokes, No. 18, Easy Jazz Singles for Clarinet, (Hunt) HE53
J Wilson, Rock Licks or Swing Waltz, Times Ten: Jazz Studies for Clarinet, (Camden) CM152

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