Trinity Jazz Saxophone – Grade 1

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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Sight reading Grades 1 to 4
Trinity Aural Test books Grades Initial to 5

Saxophone Pieces for Grade 1
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. One or two of these must be a piece containing improvisation, which is indicated with an asterisk (*). Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition.

Group A

Alto/Baritone Saxophone in E♭

Bennett, Open Window, Jazz Club Alto Saxophone, Grades 1-2, (Faber) 7532A
Boyle, Fresh Air Waltz or Memories, Dance and Daydreams, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Hampton, Mo Better Blues or Green Onions, Saxophone Basics, (Faber, pupils book, teachers book)
Mancini, Moon River, All Jazzed Up For Saxophone, (Brass Wind) 0302A
Miles, Arriving Home*, Creative Variations for Saxophone vol. 1, (Camden) CM183
Miles, Outside Garden Tap, Jazz Routes for Alto Sax, (Camden) CM238
Miles/Wilson, Chorale* (p. 4, CD track 3) or Ahead of Time* [p. 10, CD track 6], The Scales Wizard, (Camden) CM187
Rae, A Slice Of The Action or Passin’ Through, Easy Jazzy Saxophone, (Universal) UE 16578
Rae, In Demand* or Pentafunk*, Jazz Zone — Saxophone, (Universal) UE 21394
Rae, On the Case or Tough Cookie or Smuggler’s Cove, Saxophone Debut, (Universal) UE21530, (piano part) UE21531
Street, Reflections, Streetwise for Alto Saxophone and Piano, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Trad., Un poquito canto or Oh When The Saints, Repertoire Explorer for Alto Saxophone, (Universal) UE21486
J Wilson, Saxe-Blue or Persuasive Waltz, Saxploration, (Brass Wind) 1337A
J Wilson, Gospel Joe*, Creative Variations for Saxophone vol. 1, (Camden) CM183
J Wilson, Module 1: A or B or C*, Progressive Guide to Melodic Jazz Improvisation, (Trinity) GSM 10547

Group B, Saxophone in E♭/B♭,
Dorsey, Ex. 1, p. 36, Jimmy Dorsey Saxophone Method, (Alfred) TPF0103
Evans, Sax-Appeal, p. 25, Learn As You Play Saxophone, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Gumbley, Just a Thought, Cool School [B♭ or E♭ versions], (Brass Wind) 1319
Lyons, Study no. 5, 24 Melodic Studies for Saxophone, (Useful) U55
Mower, Funky Pheasant, no. 15, Mosaics Saxophone book 1, (Trinity) TG 009302
Nightingale, Fiesta Siesta, no. 2, Eazy Jazzy ’Tudes, (Warwick) WD007
Rae, Road Hog, no. 24, Easy Studies in Jazz & Rock Saxophone, (Universal) UE 19392
Rae, Rock Formation, 36 More Modern Studies for Solo Saxophone, (Universal) UE21613
Rae, Nobodys’ Blues or The Time has Come, Style Workout for Solo Saxophone, (Universal) UE 21232
Street, Easy P.C., no. 2, Double Click!!, (Gumbles) GP203
J Wilson, Swing Steps or A Bit of a Bossa or Modal Dream [play as a study without backing or improv.], Modal Workouts for Sax, book 1, (Brass Wind) 1324

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