Trinity Jazz Saxophone – Grade 2

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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Sight reading Grades 1 to 4
Trinity Aural Test books Grades Initial to 5

Saxophone Pieces for Grade 2
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. One or two of these must be a piece containing improvisation, which is indicated with an asterisk (*). Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition.

Group A

Alto/Baritone Saxophone in E♭

Bennett, Sweet Thing or Barbeque Blues or Arm’s Length, Jazz Club Alto Saxophone, Grades 1-2, (Faber) 7532A
Freedman & De Knight, Rock Around the Clock* [with improvisation second time], Easy Winners for Saxophone, (Brass Wind) 0321
Gershwin, ‘S Wonderful, Play Gershwin for Alto Saxophone, (Faber)
Gumbley, Oceanapolis, Cops, Caps and Cadillacs, (Saxtet) 006
Hamer, Brynglas Bounce [CD track 18] or Easygoing [CD track 30], Play It Cool, (Spartan) SP562
Hampton, Here Comes the Blues or I’m Late for School, Saxophone Basics, (Faber, pupils book, teachers book)
Herman, Hello Dolly [CD track 25 or with piano accompaniment], Abracadabra Saxophone, (Collins, book, book and cds)
Miles, Abigail’s Song*, Creative Variations for Saxophone vol. 1, (Camden) CM183
Miles, Sleepy Bean* or Vintage Steam*, Jazz Routes for Alto Sax, Camden CM238
Miles/Wilson, Appassionata* [p. 26, CD track 21], The Scales Wizard, (Camden) CM187
Nightingale, The Witch’s Cauldron, no. 4, Lucky Dip, (Warwick) WD009
Norton, Off the Rails, p. 11 [sax. 1 part] [CD track 9 or 10], The Boosey Woodwind Method: Saxophone book 2, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Rae, Blowin’ Cool or Stake-Out or Rock Around the Wok, Repertoire Explorer for Alto Saxophone, (Universal) UE21486
Rae, Solid Fuel*, Jazz Zone — Saxophone, (Universal) UE 21031
Street, Let’s Get Away [with repeat], Streetwise for Alto Saxophone & Piano, (Boosey & Hawkes)
Street, By the Lake, Streets Ahead, (Saxtet) 008
Trad., Dixie (Fentone) WA 6015-401
Trad., Down By The Riverside (Fentone) WA 6010-401
J Wilson, J’s Dream*, Creative Variations for Saxophone vol. 1, (Camden) CM183
J Wilson, Module 2: A or B or C*, Progressive Guide to Melodic Jazz Improvisation, (Trinity) GSM 10547
J Wilson, Legatissimo, Saxploration, (Brass Wind) 1337A

Group B, Saxophone in E♭/B♭,
Dorsey, Ex. 2 or ex. 3, p. 36, Jimmy Dorsey Saxophone Method, (Alfred) TPF0103
Gumbley, No Problem, Cool School [B♭ or E♭ versions], (Brass Wind, tenor) 1319
Gumbley, Press Return to Sender, Double Click!! 30 Byte-Size Solos for Sax, (Gumbles) 203
Lyons, Study no. 7, 24 Melodic Studies for Saxophone, (Useful) U55
McChrystal, The Celtic Kids, Sax Scorchers, (Saxtet) 118
Nightingale, J-Peg Cake-Walk, no. 6, Jazz@Etudes, (Warwick) WD010
Nightingale, Big Mama or The Stinger, Eazy Jazzy ’Tudes, (Warwick) WD007
Rae, Self-Employment Blues, no. 21, Mosaics Saxophone book 1, (Trinity) TG 009302
Rae, That’ll do Nicely! or Bricks and Mortar, Style Workout for Solo Saxophone, (Universal) UE 21232
Rae, The Swinger, 36 More Modern Studies for Solo Saxophone, (Universal) UE21613
Rae, No. 40, Jazz Saxophone Studies, (Faber) – Formerly no. 54 from Progressive Jazz Studies for Saxophone: Easy Level (Faber).
Candidates may use either edition.
J Wilson, Lazy Days or Rock Riffs or Repent [play as a study without backing or improv], Modal Workouts for Sax, book 1, (Brass Wind) 1324

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