Trinity Singing Grade 5 – Group B

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📚 Songs included in the Trinity Repertoire Book for this grade

Armstrong Gibbs, Five Eyes, B♭m; f’-f” [Gm], (Boosey & Hawkes) M051909230 (high voice), M060030833 (low voice)
Arne, The Lass with the Delicate Air, F; c’-f”, (Banks) OSS 49
Barber, The Daisies op. 2 no. 1 from 15 American Art Songs, F; c’-f” [D], (Schirmer) GS82645 (high voice), GS82607 (low voice)
R R Bennett, The Bird’s Lament from The Aviary, A; c#’-e”, (Universal) UE14168
Blow, (M) The Self-Banished from The New Imperial Edition of Bass Songs, D; A-d’, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051904501
Blow, Tell Me No More from English Songs: Renaissance to Baroque, G; c#’-f#” [E♭], (Hal Leonard) HL40018 (high voice), HL40019 (low voice)
Brahe, Bless this House, B♭; a-e♭” [C] [E♭], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060013591 (in B♭), M060013607 (in C), M060013614 (in E♭) [[can’t be sure on the B♭ version]]
Britten, Begone Dull Care! from Friday Afternoons op. 7, C; f’-f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060105005
Britten, (F) The Birds, E; b-e”, (Boosey & Hawkes) (custom print) M060013980
Bullard, Come Live with Me and Be My Love 📚, E; c#’-f”
Butterworth, (M) When I was One and Twenty from A Shropshire Lad and Other Songs, D; d-e’, (Stainer) B333
Campion, Fair, if You Expect Admiring 📚, A♭; e♭’-f”
Clucas, Evenfall, Am; e’-g” [Em], (Recital) RMS125
Copland, Simple Gifts from The Boosey & Hawkes 20th Century Easy Song Collection, A♭; e♭’-e♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060112256
Dove, (F) Weep Not, My Wanton (On Spital Fields) from Songs & Arias For Soprano, Cm; c’-e♭”, (Peters) EP 7898
Dowland, Come Away, Come Sweet Love from English Lute Songs book 2, Gm; f#-f”, (Stainer) B617
Dowland, Flow Not So Fast from English Lute Songs book 2, B♭; g’-g”, (Stainer) B617
Dowland, What if I Never Speed from English Lute Songs book 2, Am; e’-f”, (Stainer) B617
Dunhill, The Cloths of Heaven, E♭; e♭’-g” [C], (Stainer) H183 (high voice), SS15 (low voice)
Haydn, Piercing Eyes from The Chester Book of Celebrated Songs book 3, G; e’-g”, (Chester) CH55319
Head, Sweet Chance that Led my Steps Abroad from Song Album 1: Songs of the Countryside, F; c’-f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051922260
Head, The Little Road to Bethlehem, A♭; e♭’-a♭” [F], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060032400 (in A♭), M060032394 (in F – custom print)
Head, When Sweet Ann Sings, F; c’-f”(a”), (Boosey & Hawkes) M060032776
Hely-Hutchinson, The Owl and the Pussy Cat from Three Nonsense Songs, G; d’-f”, (Patersons) PAT00706
Higginson, Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun (from Cymbeline) 📚, Em; d’-e”
Ireland, Spring Sorrow from Complete Songs vol. 4, F; c’-d”, (Stainer) B599
Keel, Trade Winds, E♭; b♭-e♭’, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060034510
Munro, My Lovely Celia from The Chester Book of Celebrated Songs book 3, E; b-e”, (Chester) CH55319
Pilkington, Rest, Sweet Nymphs from English Lute Songs book 2″, Gm; g’-f”, (Stainer) B617
Purcell, I Attempt from Love’s Sickness (The Indian Queen Z630) from 40 Songs, A; d#’-f#” [F], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Purcell, (M) Man is for the Woman Made Z605 from 40 Songs, C; e’-g” [A♭], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Quilter, By the Sea (from Three Songs of the Sea) 📚, Dm; d’-e”
Quilter, Dream Valley from The New Imperial Edition of Mezzo-Soprano Songs, G♭; e♭’-g♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051904105
Quilter, How Should I Your True Love Know? from A Century of English Song vol. 1 (Soprano), D♭; f’-f”, (Thames) TH978421
Quilter, June, F; d’-f” [E] [D], (Boosey & Hawkes) (custom print)M060021725 (high), M060021718 (medium), 0002500086 (low)
Quilter, Weep You No More from 7 Elizabethan Lyrics op. 12, Fm; e♭’-g” [Dm], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060021879 (high voice), M060021862 (low voice)
Rich, (F) American Lullaby from 15 American Art Songs, F; c’-f” [D], (Schirmer) GS82645 (high voice), GS82607 (low voice)
Rorem, Early in the Morning from 50 Collected Songs, B♭; d’-f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051933952 (high voice) M051933969 (medium/low)
Rutter, All Things Bright and Beautiful [NB only this version may be used], F; b♭-d”(g”), (OUP) 9780193420625
Shield, Ye Balmy Breezes Gently Blow from O Tuneful Voice, C; d’-g”, (OUP) 9780193457461
Shield arr. Britten, The Plough Boy from Folksong Arrangements vol. 3 [NB must be Britten arrangement], B♭; c’-f” [G], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060014352 (high voice), M060014345 (medium)
Stove, Lullaby 📚, E♭;d♭’-e♭”
Trad. arr. Britten, The Salley Gardens from Folksong Arrangements vol. 1 [NB must be Britten arrangement], G♭;g♭’-a♭” [D♭], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060014314 (high voice), M060014307 (medium)
Trad. arr. Harty, My Lagan Love 📚,C; b♭-e♭”
Vaughan Williams, Linden Lea from Song Album vol. 1, G; d’-e”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060074912
Warlock, Balulalow from Sing Solo Christmas, E♭; e♭’-f” [C], (OUP) 9780193854055 (high voice), 9780193851986 (low voice)
Warlock, Chopcherry from The Chester Book of Celebrated Songs book 2, A; e’-e”, (Chester) CH55318
Wilson, The Phoenix 📚, C; c’-d”
Wood, A Brown Bird Singing, F; e’-d”(f”) [D], (Music Sales) AM947936 (in F), AM947947 (in D)
Yates, An Angry Cactus Does No Good from The Trouble with Geraniums, c#’-d”, (Wirripang)
Yates, The Trouble with Geraniums from The Trouble with Geraniums, b-e”, (Wirripang)

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