Trinity Singing Grade 6 – Group B

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📚 Songs included in the Trinity Repertoire books for this grade – (high voice or low voice)

General Song Repertoire in English

Adam, O Holy Night, E♭; d’-b♭”(gb”) [D♭] [C] [B♭], (Schirmer) GS27973 (high voice), GS28597 (medium), GS28151 (medium low), GS27974 (low voice)
Adams, The Holy City from Sacred Classics, D♭; f’-a♭” [A♭], (Hal Leonard) HL40051 (high voice), HL40052 (low voice)
Armstrong Gibbs, The Cherry Tree 📚, Dm; d’-g” [Bm]
Arne, Thou Soft Flowing Avon from English Songs: Renaissance to Baroque, D; c#’-f#” [B♭], (Hal Leonard) HL40018 (high voice), HL40019 (low voice)
Arne, Under the Greenwood Tree from The Chester Book of Celebrated Songs book 1, E♭; c’-g”, (Chester) CH55317
Bliss, A Child’s Prayer from 9 Songs for Voice and Piano, f’-f”, (Novello) (special order) NOV170309
Clarke, Down by the Salley Gardens from Art Song in English, Gm; f’-g” [Em], (Boosey & Hawkes) M051933853 (high voice), M051933860 (low voice)
Coward, Mrs Worthington from The Essential Noel Coward Songbook, E♭; b♭-d”, (Music Sales) OP40708
Cunningham, I Am Alone from Songs from The Okavango Macbeth, Bm; d’-d”, (Goodmusic) GM135
Cunningham, Summer 📚, B♭; f’-g” [G]
Dowland, Clear or Cloudy from English Lute Songs book 2, F; c’-c”, (Stainer) B617
Dowland, If My Complaints Could Passions Move from English Lute Songs book 2, Gm; f#’-f”, (Stainer) B617
Dring, To Daffodils from Dedications, Dm; f’-f”, (Thames) TH978395
Elwyn-Edwards, The Cloths of Heaven, D; d’-e”, (Roberton) 1068
Finzi, Who is Sylvia? from Let Us Garlands Bring, F; a-d”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060030345
Ford, Fair Sweet Cruel from English Lute Songs book 1, Em; b-d”, (Stainer) B616
Freed, (M) The Sun Has Spread his Shining Wings from Five Fairburn Songs, b♭-e♭”, (Sounz)
Harrison, I Know a Bank from The Boosey & Hawkes Shakespeare Song Album, C#m; d#’-f#”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060104657
Haydn, The Wanderer from O Tuneful Voice, Gm; d’-e♭”, (OUP) 9780193457461
Head, (M) Ave Maria, Cm; c’-g” [Am], (Boosey & Hawkes) M3109019205 (high voice), M060801303 (low voice)
Head, A Blackbird Singing from Over the Rim of the Moon, A♭; e♭’-a♭” [F], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060032479 (high voice), M060032462 (low voice)
Hopkins, A Melancholy Song, D; d’-f#”, (Chester) CH04044
Ireland, Hope the Hornblower from Eleven Songs or Complete Songs vol. 5, B♭; f’-f”, (Stainer) B040 or (Stainer) B600
Keats, I Will Build my House in the Water, F; f’-d”, (Wirripang) HKAW201
Keats, The Lamb 📚, E♭; g’-g” [C],
L’Estrange, Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal 📚, Bm; e’-g” [Gm],
Linley, Still the Lark finds Repose from Songs of the Linleys (Soprano), A; e’-f#”, (Stainer) B569
Matthews, Strugnell’s Haiku [complete], g-e”, (Faber) 0571511732
Parry, Love is a Bable, E♭; c’-e♭”, (Novello) (custom print) NOV170106
Pinto, A Shepherd Lov’d a Nymph So Fair from O Tuneful Voice, G; d’-e”, (OUP) 9780193457461
Purcell, Dear Pretty Youth Z631 from The Junior Recitalist book 2 (Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto), G; d’-f”, (Stainer) D82
Purcell, (M) Since from my Dear (The Prophetess Z627) from 40 Songs, Dm; d-f’ [Bm], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Quilter, (M) O Mistress Mine from 3 Shakespeare Songs op. 6, G; d-g’ [E♭], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060021893 (high voice), M060021886 (low voice)
Quilter, Under the Greenwood Tree from 5 Shakespeare Songs op. 23, F; f’-f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060021671 (high voice), M060021664 (low voice)
Rorem, Love from 50 Collected Songs, E; c#’-g”, (Boosey & Hawkes) (high voice) M051933969 (medium/low) M051933952
Rubbra, Rune of Hospitality, Gm; e♭’-d”,(Lengnick) AL0866
Salomon, Go, lov’ly Rose from O Tuneful Voice, E♭; c♭’-f”, (OUP) 9780193457461
Salomon, O Tuneful Voice from O Tuneful Voice, E♭; d’-a♭”, (OUP) 9780193457461
Sullivan, (F) The Willow Song from The Junior Recitalist book 2 (Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto), E; b-e”, (Stainer) D82
Trad. arr. Hughes, She Moved through the Fair ?[NB only this version may be used] , F; e♭’-f” [E♭]
Trad. arr. Quilter, Over the Mountains 📚, G; d’-d”(g”) [E]
Warlock, Pretty Ring Time from A First Book of Songs, E♭; d’-f” (g”), (Banks) OSS 602
Warlock, Sleep from Songs 1920-1922: Warlock Society vol. 3 or A First Book of Songs, Gm; d’-e♭”, (Thames) TH978102 or (Banks) OSS602
Warlock, The First Mercy from Warlock Songs or Songs 1927-1928: Warlock Society vol. 7,”f’-f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060029233 or (Thames) 978375
Warlock, Walking the Woods from Songs 1927-1928: Warlock Society vol. 7, F; c’-f”, (Thames) TH978375
Willcocks, Lord, E♭;d’-g”, Make Me an Instrument from Oxford Solo Songs Sacred, (OUP) 9780193365810 (high voice), 9780193365803 (low voice)
Williamson, When I am Dead, my Dearest from Six English Lyrics, F#m; A-e♭”, (Weinberger) M570052783

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