Trinity Singing Grade 8 – Group B

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📚 Songs included in the Trinity Repertoire books for this grade – (high voice or low voice)

General Song Repertoire in English

Argento, Dirge (from Six Elizabethan Songs) 📚,”e’–e” [d’–d”]
Armstrong Gibbs, (F) A Song of Shadows from A Century of English Song vol. 1 (Soprano), E♭; e♭’-g♭”, (Thames) TH978421
Armstrong Gibbs, Ballad of Semmerwater from A Century of English Song vol. 4 (Medium/low), Gm; g♭-e♭”, (Thames) TH978614
Armstrong Gibbs, To One who Passed Whistling through the Night from Song Album 2,”g’–g”, (Novello) NOV170364
Bantock, (F) Song to the Seals, G; b–g”, (Cramer) 90206
Barber, Sleep Now from 65 Songs,”e’–g#” [c’–e”], (Schirmer) HL50490044 (high voice), HL50490045 (medium/low)
Barber, Solitary Hotel from 65 Songs, Em; c’–f”, (Schirmer) HL50490044 (high voice), HL50490045 (medium/low)
Bernstein, (F) A Simple Song from Leonard Bernstein Song Album, C; c’–f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051922376
Bridge, Come to Me in My Dreams from Song Album, E♭; d’–f” [D♭], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060802218 (high voice), M3109101742 (low voice)
Bridge, Go Not, Happy Day, from Song Album, A; c’–f#” [G], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060802218 (high voice), M3109101742 (low voice)
Britten, A Song of Enchantment from Tit for Tat, A♭; c’–f”, (Faber) 057150292X
Britten, Nurse’s Song from A Charm of Lullabies op. 45, B♭; a–e”, (Boosey & Hawkes) (custom print) M060014130
Britten, Sephestia’s Lullaby from A Charm of Lullabies op. 45, Em; a–e”, (Boosey & Hawkes) (custom print) M060014130
Bush, Nonsense Song from Old Rhymes Reset, G; c’–g”, (Stainer) B785
Butterworth, Is My Team Ploughing, from A Shropshire Lad and Other Songs, B♭; e’–e”, (Stainer) B333
Dickinson, A Red, Red Rose from Songs in Blue, c’-g♭”, (Novello) NOV170373
Dixon, Nature’s Changes, d♭’–f#”, (Wirripang)
Dowland, Flow my Tears from English Lute Songs book 2, Gm; c’–d”, (Stainer) B617
Dring, A Bay in Anglesey 📚, C; b–f”(g”) [A]
Dring, Blow, Blow thou Winter Wind from Seven Shakespeare Songs, Gm;d♭’–f”, (Thames) TH978390
Dring, It was a Lover from Seven Shakespeare Songs, E; b–g”, (Thames) TH978390
Dring, (F) Song of Nightclub Proprietress from Five Betjeman Songs, Gm; c’–e♭”, (Weinberger) M570052974
Dring, Take O Take those Lips away from Seven Shakespeare Songs, Bm; g–d”, (Thames) TH978390
Elgar, The Shepherd’s Song, E♭; d’–g”, (Banks) BSS 2029
Elgar, (F) Where Corals Lie from The Second Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos, Bm; d'(a#)–d”, (Schirmer) GS82069
Finzi, Fear No More the Heat o’ the Sun from Let Us Garlands Bring, D♭; b♭-e♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060030345
Finzi, Rollicum-Rorum from Earth and Air and Rain op. 15, D; a–e”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060066610
Freed, Tom’s a-cold from Five Fairburn Songs (Sounz),”c’–f”
Gurney, Spring 📚, E; c’–g#” [C]
Hageman, Do Not Go, My Love from 15 American Art Songs, F; c’–g”, (Schirmer) GS82645 (high voice) GS82607 (low voice)
Harris, (F) The Swans from Wild Daisies, c’-g♭”, (Wai-te-ata)
Haydn, The Spirit’s Song from 35 Canzonettas and Songs, Fm; b-g♭”, (Peters) EP 1351a
Head, Dear Delight from Song Album 2: Songs of Romance & Delight, A♭; e♭’-a♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051922277
Head, The Singer [must be sung unaccompanied] from Song Album 2: Songs of Romance & Delight, Fm; c’-a♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051922277
Howells, (F) Come Sing and Dance, A♭; d’-a♭”, (OUP) 9780193454514
Howells, King David from A Heritage of 20th Century British Song vol. 4, E; c#’–f”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051909230
Ireland, The Trellis from Eleven Songs or Complete Songs vol. 1, A♭; c’–g”, (Stainer) B040 or (Stainer) B596
Jeffreys, Praise the Lord, O my Soule from Three Devotional Songs, F; F–c’, (Green Man) Jef6
Keats, Columbine, F; d’-b♭”, (Wirripang) HKHM101
Keats, Sea Wraith, Em; e’–e”, (Wirripang) HKJJD103
W Lloyd Webber, A Rent for Love from The Songs of William Lloyd Webber, G; e♭’–f”, (Mayhew) 3611169
McDowall, If There Are Angels 📚, A; d’-f” [G]
Purcell, (M) Arise ye Subterranean Winds Z631 from Six Songs for Bass and Piano, C; G–c’, (IMC) 1657
Purcell, Bacchus is a Pow’r Divine (Orpheus Britannicus Z360) from Songs for Bass Solo, D; D–d’, (Green Man) Pur12
Purcell, (M) Celia Has a Thousand Charms (The Rival Sister Z609), Gm; d’–f”, (Novello) (custom print) NOV460100
Purcell, (F) Hark the Ech’ing Air (The Fairy Queen Z629) from 40 Songs, C; e’–a” [A♭], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Purcell, (M)?I’ll Sail upon the Dog Star (The Fool’s Preferment Z571) from 40 Songs, B♭; c–g’ [G], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Purcell, O, Lead Me To Some Peaceful Gloom (Bonduca Z574) from 40 Songs, Cm; d’-a♭” [Am], (IMC)2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Purcell, The Fatal Hour Z421 from 40 Songs, Em; d#’–g” [Cm], (IMC) 2071 (high voice), 2072 (low voice)
Quilter, By a Fountainside from 7 Elizabethan Lyrics op. 12, Cm; c#’–g#” [B♭m], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060021879 (high voice), M060021862 (low voice)
Quilter, Come Away Death from 3 Shakespeare Songs op. 6, Em; e’–g” [Cm], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060021893 (high voice), M060021886 (low voice)
Quilter, Go, F; e’-f”, Lovely Rose from The First Book of Tenor Solos, (Schirmer) GS81175
Quilter, Love’s Philosophy from A Heritage of 20th Century British Song vol. 4, F; d’–f#”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051909230
Quilter, To Daisies op. 8 no.3 from A Heritage of 20th Century British Song vol. 4, D♭; e♭’-a♭”, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051909230
Rorem, Stopping By Woods from Art Song In English, F#; e’–g#” [Em], (Boosey & Hawkes) M051933853 (high voice), M051933860 (low voice)
Thiman, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud from The Junior Recitalist book 2 (Mezzo-Soprano/Contralto), D♭; d’–f”, (Stainer) D82
Tippett, Where the Bee Sucks from Songs for Ariel, Dm; d’–e♭”, (Schott) ED10871
Vaughan Williams, Silent Noon from The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos, E♭; c’–e♭”, (Schirmer) GS81174
Vaughan Williams, The Roadside Fire from Songs of Travel, F; f’-a♭” [D♭], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060028618 (high voice), M060028601 (low voice)
Vaughan Williams, The Vagabond from Songs of Travel, Em; d♭-g” [Cm], (Boosey & Hawkes) M060028618 (high voice), M060028601 (low voice)

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