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Bags & Stationery

This lovely Musician’s Pencilbox comes from Henle and features an A440 tuning fork as well as little pencils, erasers and a sharpener all in a lovely travel tin! Perfect for the musician on the road.

The Bentcil is a classic mainstay of our stationery section! These fun, playful pencils are a wonderful gift for a young player and come in a wide range of colours.

These super fun Keyboard Pencil Cases are ideal for a young player. They’re portable sized, perfect for a handful of pencils and a few other essentials. They come in three fun colours!

The Boosey and Hawkes Music Diary is a mainstay of musicians and music-lovers alike! This lovely pocket-sized diary gives you the week-at-a-glance and features birthdates and important anniversaries throughout the musical year. A wonderful choice for an organised, musical 2020!

This Piano Pencil Sharpener would make an excellent gift for players young and old! It’s adorable AND fully functional.

We carry a selection of punny novelty notepads! Browse the full range for more details.

These tiny Barenreiter notebooks are pocket-sized, alternating manuscript and regular lined paper. Perfect for any quick ideas or notes!

Mapac Musical Bag: this fun bag is a best-seller! It’s perfect for carrying your children’s music books and is available in a huge range of colours. It’s super durable and pretty spacious, making it an essential part of your school kit!

Bach Reusable Shopping bagSimple – just the manuscript of a Bach violin sonata on a shopping bag. What more could you ask?

Leather Music Case: this lovely case is designed with scores in mind! It’s perfect for an accomplished musician, young or old. These cases are made of real leather and fasten beautifully on a steel bar behind the handle. They’re available in many colours – browse our full range here!

Metronomes & Tuners

A metronome is an essential part of any musician’s kit, whether they’re a beginner or a pro! We stock a wide range of metronomes for every requirement. Whether you want something techy and pocket sized or big, mechanical and old-fashioned, we’ve got the metronome for you!

Browse our full selection here!

The Korg MA-1 is our most popular metronome – it’s reasonably priced, powerful and reliable, featuring adjustable volume and a wide range of options. Simple enough to be useful and clever enough to surprise you!

This metronome is made by Seiko – it’s halfway between a digital and a mechanical metronome. It has a tactile, adjustable dial and a very loud tick but runs on batteries. It also plays A440 for tuning strings and Bb for brass.

The Piccolino Wittner metronome is a small fully mechanical metronome – it requires no batteries (sometimes old fashioned is best!). These popular metronomes are available in a range of lovely colours.

The Wittner Piccolo metronomes feature a full plastic case and come in a wide range of serious and fun colours. These fully mechanical metronomes are a classic, and while on the pricier side, they’re incredibly reliable and refreshingly tactile.

​This Korg combo tuner & metronome is a powerful, simple all-in-one tool, featuring a clear visual tuning dial and versatile metronome functions. A best seller!

A wonderful, whimsical product by Wittner – this metronome is fully mechanical and will encourage your young player to stay in time!

Also available in Owl and Penguin!

​This Korg combo tuner & metronome is a powerful, simple all-in-one tool, featuring a clear visual tuning dial and versatile metronome functions. A best seller!

Snark offer two fantastic clip-on tuners at two different price points. They start with a universal tuner at £14.99, featuring a microphone-based tuner with clear graphics and an easy tuning dial. At £19.95, you get the same easy tuning dial but enhanced power – tuning from both a microphone and vibration, as well as a built-in metronome!

This Korg compact chromatic tuner is a tried and tested favourite! It’s highly sensitive and very easy to use, making it the perfect tool for tuning at home and on-the-go.

String Accessories

Prelude Strings are a popular choice for a young player – they’re available in all the smaller sizes and are inexpensive and functional, making it easy for your young player to get started without costing you a fortune!

Available for violin, violacello!

Dominant strings are another wonderful choice for a young player – these are slightly higher-quality strings, featuring a warmer sound which can brighten up any instrument! They are available for all sizes of instruments and are reasonably priced.

Available for violin, viola & cello. 

Rosin is a crucial part of a young player’s kit! It provides friction between the bow and the string and can totally change the sound of your instrument. It ranges in price from just a few pounds to a small fortune, depending on what you’d like to pay!

Our full range is available here.

This little Hidersine Junior rosin is available for both violin and cello and is perfect for a young player! it comes in a little plastic casing, perfect for slippery fingers and fast corners.

D’Addario natural rosin is available in light and dark – these little rosins are popular for young players as they’re compact and durable but provide warmth of sound.

Szigeti Rosin is a slightly nicer rosin, still at a reasonable price point but made with a little more time and attention. A popular choice for a slightly older player!

Pirastro rosins are extremely popular, especially among professional players! They come in a variety of colours and price points. They could be lovely gift for a young player or a wonderful way to warm up the sound of an instrument.

We have a large range of mutes for both violin, viola and cello!  Whether you need a big rubber practice mute to protect the neighbours or a small tourte mute to play in an orchestra, we can help you make the right choice!

The shoulder rest is an essential part of any violin or viola player’s kit. It ensures that the neck and shoulders are in the most comfortable position for playing! We stock a wide range, beginning with basic sponges for early beginners and finishing with professional grade shoulder rests that are durable and last for years.

If you play the cello, an end pin holder is an absolute must! These nifty devices protect floors wherever you go.

Available in lots of different styles – our most popular include the simple Dycem black hole (pictured above) and the Xeros cello strap! Beginners often choose the Stentor wooden cello anchor as it’s very easy to use!

Brass & Woodwind Accessories

Valve & slide oils are an essential part of a brass player’s equipment! There’s a huge amount of choice and it’s important to get the right stuff for your instrument. Our experts at Chimes can help you choose!

Brass instruments have unique cleaning and maintenance requirements! Every instrument has its own specialty tools and supplies to keep these complex instruments in good shape – it’s very important to make sure you have the right kit!

Brass mutes are a wonderful source of colour and versatility in ensemble settings! We carry a wide range of styles and prices.

If you play a reeded instrument, you’re going to need reeds. Plain and simple. We stock a huge variety AND we offer a 20% discount on whole boxes. What’s not to love?

Have a look at our selection here!

Woodwind instruments need careful, detailed care in order to ensure longevity of your instrument! We retail a huge variety of cleaning products, swabs and greases to keep things running smoothly!

Many types of woodwind instruments require straps – we have a huge selection available for young and older beginners.

Guitar Accessories

Classical Guitar Strings

available in small and regular sizes!

Electric Guitar Strings

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