Classical Instrument Repairs


In store our staff can perform simple repair jobs on a range of instruments. We can restring orchestral stringed instruments and guitars for £1 per string, unstick trumpet mouthpieces, and fit adjusters on orchestral stringed instruments. We can do basic adjustments to woodwind instruments when a screw or spring has come loose, and help with valve issues on brass instruments. Our repairs are subject to staff availability as we all have different areas of knowledge, so it is always worth phoning ahead to ensure there is someone available to help with your specific problem. Some jobs we can do in store as you wait, but others will require you to leave the instrument with us for a few hours, or overnight. If you need the work doing urgently, please contact us beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Please note there are certain times of year where we will be too busy to accept in-store repairs, as we will be too busy on the shop floor to spend the time attending to your instrument. Always contact your nearest shop to check that there is someone available to help.

Barbican Chimes Music: 020 7588 9242
Kensington Chimes Music: 020 7589 9054

For more significant repair jobs we have professional string, brass, and woodwind repairers that we send instruments away to. They can fix specific problems including cracks, stuck valves or keys that won’t close, or provide a general service. Please note as they are separate from our business we cannot quote at the time of sending the instrument away, but we can ask the repairer to quote before going ahead with any work. Should you find it too expensive, the instrument will be returned unrepaired, and without incurring any costs.


Depending on the amount of work required, as well as the repairer’s current workload, your instrument can be away for a varied amount of time. We endeavor to have your instrument returned to you within a week, but it can take longer. Please phone ahead or ask in store for more information. Should your instrument repair be particularly urgent we can generally get the repairer to prioritise the instrument, but each repair has to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

Instrument out of tune? So not strictly a repair, but something we can help with! We would always encourage you and your children to learn to tune your own instruments – after all it’s part of learning to play an instrument – but we do know it’s hard in the beginning. As long as there is a member of staff available we can quickly tune your string instruments for you and perhaps help you understand better how it’s done. If in doubt always consult your teacher – they know best.

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