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Trinity College London do a number of post-grade 8 qualifications, and in the coming days and weeks more of these Diploma exams will be catered for by Chimes. To start with we’re focussing on Performance Diplomas.

Performance Diplomas
Trinity’s performance diplomas provide a pathway to professional musicianship, focusing exclusively on the planning and performance of a recital. The Performance Diploma is available at three levels:

  • Associate (ATCL): equivalent in standard to the first year of an undergraduate degree
  • Licentiate (LTCL): equivalent in standard to the final year of an undergraduate degree and
  • Fellowship (FTCL): equivalent in standard to a postgraduate course at a conservatoire or university.

Candidates should create their own programme of works that must contain at least 2 pieces. They can be drawn entirely from the lists below, consist entirely of own-choice pieces, or a combination of both. However, where a candidate selects own-choice pieces they must be submitted for approval and need to meet approved technical and musical requirements. You must provide the examiner with a programme before the exams starts along with copies of the pieces. Photocopies are acceptable. Exams last for 40, 45 and 50 minutes depending on the level.

Piano Recital Pieces, ATCL level
Piano Recital Pieces, LTCL level

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