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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades Initial to 8
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Trinity Aural Test books Grades 1 to 5

Flute Pieces for Grade 3
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a
balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition

Pieces marked 📚 can be found in Flute Grade 3 2017-2020 – flute part only, score & flute part

Group A
Albert & Gasté, Feelings📚
Arrieu, Pièce pour flûte et piano📚
McDowall, Waltz📚
Norton, Seashore📚
Popp, Piece no. 2 (Andantino)📚
Trad., The Trees They Do Grow So High📚
Adams, The Deserted Dolls’ House, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Balfe, I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Beethoven, Romance, Flute Fancies, (Boston) BM10041
Bernstein, America from West Side Story, Amazing Solos for Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060084683
Bernstein, Somewhere from West Side Story, Grade by Grade Flute Grade 3, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060128806
Bullard, Trick Cyclist, Circus Skills, (Spartan) SP724
Concone, Contemplation, Flute All Sorts (Grades 1–3), (Trinity Faber) 0571521231
Coulthard, Letting Go, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Davies, Hornpipe or Milonga, Folk Roots for Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060126789
Delibes, Mazurka, Going Solo Flute, (Faber) 0571514952
Denver, Annie’s Song, Songs for Annie, (Schirmer) GS33506
Dvořák, Allegretto (from Symphony no. 8), Music Through Time: Flute book 3, (OUP) 9780193571839
Gershwin, Fascinating Rhythm, Easy Gershwin for Flute, (OUP) 9780193566767
Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue, Hartbeat, (Brass Wind, book only, book with CD) 1335
Gossec, Gavotte, 36 Solos for Flute [ed. Peck], (Fischer) ATF104
Granados, Vals Poetico no. 3, Woodwind World: Flute book 3, (Trinity, flute part, flute with piano) TCL320032
Halton, Ankara, Fingerprints, (Faber) 0571522696
Harris, Caramel Carousel, Chocolate Box, (Novello) NOV016203
Hart, No Dice, All Jazzed Up for Flute, (Brass Wind, book only, book with CD) 1301
Kershaw, Simple Samba, Let’s Dance, (Pan) PEM44
Lyons, June in Paris, Compositions for Flute vol. 1, (Useful) U120
Miles, On Cue, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Mower, Still Waters, Landscapes, (Itchy Fingers) IFP34
Ramskill, The Summer of ‘59, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Scott, Annie Laurie, Scottish Folk Songs for Flute, (Mayhew) 3611771
Sherwin/Maschwitz, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Big Chillers, (Brass Wind) 1330
Trad., A Media Luz, Musical Moments Flute book 3, (Trinity) TG 009562
Trad., arr. Fleming, The Harp that Once Through Tara’s Halls, The Irish Fluter, (Mayhew) 3611288
Watts, The Boccy Chiccy!, Razzamajazz Repertoire, (Mayhew) 3611814
Weiss/Thiele, What a Wonderful World, Hartbeat, (Brass Wind, book only, book with CD) 1335
Zgraja, Pop Menuett, Modern Flutist 1, (Schott) ED 8422

Group B
Demersseman, Mélodie Polonaise📚
Rae, Four by Four📚
Trad., Lovely Maiden📚
Ben-Tovim, ed., No. 14, The Young Orchestral Flautist book 1, (Pan) PEM110
Demersseman, Study no. 10, The Flute Player’s Companion vol. 1, (Chester) CH55840
Gariboldi, Study no. 5, 100 Classical Studies for Flute, (Universal) UE 12992
Haydn, Allegro, no. 49, Amazing Studies: Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060103858
Ledbury, Waltzer, Flute Salad, (Brass Wind) 1311
Madden, In the Red, 20 Fantastic Flute Studies, (Spartan) SP1256
Mower, No. 27: The Spy or No. 32: Jig-Jag, Mosaics Flute book 1, (Trinity) TG 009265
Popp, Study no. 25, 63 Easy Melodic Studies for Flute, (Pan) PEM34
Rae, Chandelier Waltz, no. 7, Style Workout for Flute, (Universal) UE 21319
Soussmann, Study no. 37 or no. 38, 125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute, (Universal) UE 16042
Stokes, No. 8, More Easy Jazz Singles, (Hunt) HE67
Trad., Morpeth Rant, no. 9, Amazing Studies: Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060103858

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