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Flute Pieces for Grade 4
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a
balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition

Pieces marked 📚 can be found in Flute Grade 4 2017-2020 – flute part only, score & flute part

Group A
J S Bach, Siciliano📚
Caird, After All📚
Degg, Piece no. 3📚
Elgar, Minuet📚
Piazzolla, Tango Final📚
Sands, Recuerdos de La Bahía📚
Arnold, Solitaire, (Queen’s Temple) QT68
J S Bach, Rondeau from Suite in B minor, BWV 1067, (Peters) EP4921
Bernstein, I Feel Pretty or Somewhere, West Side Story Instrumental Solos Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M051106424
Bizet, Carillon, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Coombes, Threnody, Piping Down the Valleys Wild, (Brass Wind) 1334
Gershwin, It Ain’t Necessarily So or I Got Rhythm, Easy Gershwin for Flute, (OUP) 9780193566767
Gordon/Warren, Chattanooga Choo-choo, Big Chillers, (Brass Wind) 1330
Gunning, Waltz for Aggie, Unbeaten Tracks for Flute, (Faber) 0571519156
Harmston, Andante, Flute Solos vol. 2, (Chester) CH55099
Harris, Viennese Vanilla Valse, Chocolate Box, (Novello) NOV016203
Holcombe, Lazy Afternoon, Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Styles, (Musicians Pubs) FS001
Köhler, Future Dream op. 79, Flute Time Pieces 1, (OUP) 9780193220911
I Could Have Danced All Night, Latin Connections, (Brass Wind, book only, book with CD) 1326
McDowall, Comic Song, Six Pastiches, (Pan) PEM40
Mower, The Banana Song, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Mussorgsky, Eine Träne, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Nelson, The Rose of Allandale, Scottish Folk Songs for Flute, (Mayhew) 3611771
Ramskill, Sampan, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Schumann, Träumerei from Scenes from Childhood, The Magic Flute of James Galway, (Novello) NOV120498
Scott, Mountain Dreams, Eight Pieces for Flute and Piano, (Astute) am242-70
Seiber, Mazurka, Dance Suite, (Schott) ED 12426
Serradell, La Golondrina, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Sullivan, Dance a Cachucha (from The Gondoliers), Music Through Time Flute book 3, (OUP) 9780193571839
Telemann, Minuet, First Repertoire Pieces for Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060124730
Trad., El Condor Pasa, Latin Connections, (Brass Wind, book only, book with CD) 1326
Vivaldi, Andante from Sonata no. 3, Flute Solos vol. 1, (Chester) CH55088
Walton, The Call of the Angelus, Musical Moments Flute book 4, (Trinity) TG 009579
Warlock, Basse Danse from Capriol Suite, Amazing Solos for Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060084683
Watts, When Paddy met Bella, Razzamajazz Repertoire, (Mayhew) 3611814
Wood, The Rainbow Song, (Saxtet) 209
Zgraja, Step by Step, Modern Flutist 1, (Schott) ED 8422

Group B
Gariboldi, Study no. 10📚
Ledbury, Boiling Point📚
van Eyck, Prins Robberts Masco📚
Andersen, Study no. 31, 63 Easy Melodic Studies for Flute, (Pan) PEM34
Anon., Trotto, no. 16, Amazing Studies: Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060103858
Demersseman, La Tyrolienne, no. 27, The Flute Player’s Companion vol. 1, (Chester) CH55840
Drouet, Study no. 8, Adagio, 25 Studies for Flute, (Broekmans) BRP1510
Fürstenau, Study no. 91, 125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute, (Universal) UE 16042
Harris, Study no. 32, 76 Graded Studies for Flute book 1, (Faber) 0571514308
Hill, Bee’s Wing Hornpipe, no. 24, Amazing Studies: Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060103858
Madden, Firefly Frolic, 20 Fantastic Flute Studies, (Spartan) SP1256
Mower, No. 36: Bloop or No. 37: March Pear, Mosaics Flute book 1, (Trinity) TG 009265
Taggart, C is for Clock, no. 5, Chill and Chirp!, (Spartan) SP1279
Trad., Doctor O’Neill (Irish Jig), Woodwind World: Flute book 4, (Trinity, flute part, flute with piano) TCL320049
Trad., Sweep’s Hornpipe, no. 33, Amazing Studies: Flute, (Boosey & Hawkes) M060103858
Tulou, Study no. 15, 100 Classical Studies for Flute, (Universal) UE 12992

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