Trinity Guitar Exams 2020-2023 – Grade 2

Trinity College LogoPlease use the links below to find the titles recommended in the Trinity College Exam Syllabus:

Trinity Sight Reading Pieces Initial to Grade 5 (Trinity) TCL 015082

Trinity Aural Test Books Grades 1 to 5

Trinity Theory of Music Workbook Grade 2

Technical Work
Candidates prepare section 1 and either section 2 or section 3.

All requirements are in Trinity’s Guitar Scales, Arpeggios & Studies from 2016: Initial – Grade 5. (Trinity) TCL 015082

1. Technical Exercise (music may be used)
Technical exercise in D major (q = 86)

2. Scales & arpeggios
3. Studies (music may be used) — candidates prepare 1a or 1b, 2a or 2b, and 3a or 3b (three studies in total). Candidates choose one study to play first. Examiners then select one of the remaining two prepared studies to be performed.

1a Skater’s Waltz or 1b Linecraft [for tone and phrasing]
2a Tin Drum or 2b Porcupine Stomp [for articulation]
3a Lost and Found or 3b Mystic Drummer [for idiomatic elements]


Candidates perform a balanced programme of three pieces, chosen from the list below. A maximum of two duets (marked ?) may be played. An own composition may be played instead of one listed piece.

Pieces marked ? can be found in Trinity’s graded exam book Classical Guitar Exam Pieces 2020–2023: Grade 2 (Trinity) TCL019295

1. Aguado, Waltz ?
2. Brun, Le paon ?
3. Carulli, Danse paysanne ?
4. Cottam, Tirandosaurus Rex, Zebracadabra (ESG) 077
5. Couperin, arr. Powesland, Le petit rien ? ?
6. Eythorsson, New Day, Raise the Bar Guitar: Initial – Grade 2 (Trinity) TCL016553
7. Fimbel, La princesse de la paix, La paix des étoiles (Productions d’Oz) DZ2599 *
8. Hasted, Regular Reggae ?
9. Kirschbaum, Gavotte or Tanz in der Burg, Melodie und Bass vol. 1 (Hubertus Nogatz) KN1012
10. Lindsey-Clark, Barcarolle ?
11. Lindsey-Clark, By the Fireside, Solo Now! vol. 1 (Chanterelle) ECH2101
12. Linnemann, Killeybegs Jig ?
13. Mcdowall, Spanish Nocturne ?
14. Nuttall, The Mojave ?
15. Ogawa, Nuit étoilée, The Many Faces of the Guitar vol. 1 (Productions d’Oz) DZ1041 *
16. Ourkouzounov, Valse slave, Mise en scène (Lemoine) HL26826
17. Powlesland, In the Half-Light ?
18. Rodriguez arr. Cracknell, La cumparsita ? ?
19. Sanz arr. Powlesland, Paradetas ?
20. Sor, Etude, op. 44 no. 2, Raise the Bar Guitar: Initial – Grade 2 (Trinity) TCL016553, ? ?
21. Sor arr. Hartog, Czardas, String Walker (Alsbach) ALB10514
22. Trad. Arr. Rivoal, A rosa vermelha ? ?
23. Trad. Arr. Rivoal, Unos Ojos Negros ?, Chansons et danses d’Amérique latine vol. A (Lemoine) HL25161
24. Trad. Arr. Szordikowski, Malagueña, My First Concert (Schott) ED22050
25. Vachez, Petit air chromatique, Ça ne manque pas d’airs! (Doberman) DO977

Pieces marked * may not be available in the UK. Please contact us if you require this piece.

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