Trinity Guitar Exams 2020-2023 – Grade 6

Trinity College LogoPlease use the links below to find the titles recommended in the Trinity College Exam Syllabus:

Trinity Sight Reading Pieces Grades 6 to 8 (Trinity) TCL 015099

Trinity Aural Test Books Grades 6 to 8

Trinity Theory of Music Workbook Grade 6

Technical Work
Candidates prepare section 1 and either section 2 or section 3.

All requirements are in Trinity’s Guitar Scales, Arpeggios & Studies from 2016: Grades 6 to 8. (Trinity) TCL 015099

1. Technical Exercise (music may be used)
Technical exercise in A♭ major (q = 126)

2. Scales & arpeggios
3. Studies (music may be used) — candidates prepare 1a or 1b, 2a or 2b, and 3a or 3b (three studies in total). Candidates choose one study to play first. Examiners then select one of the remaining two prepared studies to be performed.

1a Pôr do Sol or 1b Pavo [for tone and phrasing]
2a Find the Light or 2b Aquarius [for articulation]
3a It’s in the Trees or 3b Dream Key [for idiomatic elements]


Candidates perform a balanced programme of three pieces chosen from the lists below, containing at least one piece from each group. An own composition may be played instead of one listed piece.

Pieces marked ? can be found in Trinity’s graded exam book Classical Guitar Exam Pieces 2020–2023: Grade 5 (Trinity) TCL019325

Group A
1. J.S. Bach arr. Erikson, Sarabande, from Partita no. 1 for solo violin BWV 1002 ?
2. J.S. Bach ed. Koonce, Bourrée, from Lute Suite in E minor BWV 996, The Solo Lute Works (Kjos) WG100
3. Carcassi, Allegretto no. 9, 10 Vortragsstücke op. 59 (Peters) EP8558
4. Carulli, Romanze, from Sonate op. 21 no. 3, Stars of Classical Guitar vol. 2 (Doblinger) DOBL35922
5. Coste, Etude op. 34 no. 4, Raise the Bar Guitar: Grades 6–8 (Trinity) TCL016577
6. Dowland, Can She Excuse, Solo Works for Guitar vol. 2 (<astyle=”color: #3366ff;” href=””>Universal) UE16712
7. Ferrer, El afectuoso, no. 3 from Colección 4a ?
8. Fondard, Valse suisse ?
9. Mertz, Capriccio ?
10. Sanz, Canarios, Anthology of Selected Pieces (Schott) ED12386
11. Sor, Waltz, no. 2 from 6 petites pièces op. 32, The Guitarist’s Collection book 1 (Mayhew) 3611140
12. Tárrega, Malagueña, Works for Guitar vol. 3 (Bèrben) B1533
13. Viñas, Recuerdo de la costa, Collected Guitar Works (Chanterelle) ECH0443
14. De Visée, Passacaille, The Baroque Book (Chanterelle) ECH2111

Group B
1. Bloor, Promise, Praise — Prayer — Promise (Bloor)
2. Brouwer, Omaggio a Mangoré no. 2, Nuevos estudios sencillos (Chester) CH64273
3. Castelnuovotedesco, Andantino campestre, Raise the Bar Guitar: Grades 6–8 (Trinity) TCL016577
4. Dodgson, O Pussy My Love! no. 6, Ode to the Guitar (Ricordi) RICL00011400
5. Drozdzowski, Winter Story ?
6. Dyens, Babybaião, Separately or Les 100 de Roland Dyens vol. 1 (Productions d’Oz) DZ1907 or DZ2201
7. Fellow, No Man’s Land ?
8. Kleynjans, Délia op. 272 (Productions d’Oz) DZ1687
9. Montes, Entre azules, Nueve preludios azules (Trinity) TCL019110
10. Moreno Torroba, Torija, Castles of Spain vol. 1 (GSP) 074
11. Ourkouzounov, Lamentoso no. 5, Cinq nuances modales (Doberman) DO1039
12. Piazzolla arr. Ryan, El viaje ?
13. Trad. Arr. Cottam, Kalamatianos ?
14. Trad. Arr. Hvartchilkov, General’s Mandate ?
15. Verdery, Let Go, 11 Etudes or Learn & Conquer Guitar Repertoire with Xuefei Yang intermediate book 1 (Doberman) DO539 or DO963
16. York, Lullaby ?

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