Trinity Recorder Exams – Grade 5

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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades Initial to 8
Trinity Sight reading, Treble Recorder Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Sight reading, Descant Recorder Grades initial to 5
Trinity Aural Test books Grades 1 to 5

Recorder Pieces for Grade 5
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition

Group A
J S Bach, Mary’s Cradle Song, Celebrated Classics (Schott) ED 10350
Bigaglia, Sonata in A minor, 4th movt: Allegro (Schott) OFB 3
Bonsor, Nice ‘n’ Easy, Jazzy Recorder 2 (Universal) UE 19364
Constable, Mesmeralda, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Cowles, Battery Hens, Power Up! (Fentone) F870
Ellerby, Ashley Mill, River Dances (Peacock) PJT059
Fortin, Happy Pinocchio (Moeck) EM 2213
Golland, Ragtime, New World Dances (Forsyth) FGJ02
Lane, Intrada, Suite Ancienne (Forsyth) FLP01
Miles, Bathwater Blues, Creative Variations for Recorder vol. 1 (Camden) CM233
Sammartini, Sonata no. 4 in G, 2nd movt: Allegro, 2 Sonatas (Amadeus) BP 0443
Scarlatti, Grave & Allegro, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Telemann, Andante, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Telemann, Partita no. 2, Aria 6: Tempo di Minuet, Die Kleine Kammermusik (Bärenreiter) HM 47
Telemann, Sonata in A minor TWV 41, 3rd movt: Andante, Sonatas and Pieces (Bärenreiter) HM7
Turner, Aubade, Four Diversions (Forsyth) FTJ01

Group B
Clark, A Study, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
de la Torre, La spagna, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Harris, Study no. 50, 50 Graded Studies for Recorder (Faber) 0571523188
Krähmer, No. 40, 40 Fortschreitende Übungsstücke (Moeck) EM 1131
Oiwake, Horsewalker’s Song [for tenor recorder], Eight Traditional Japanese Pieces (Novello) NOV120507
van Eyck, Kits Almande (Theme and modo 3), Der Fluyten Lust-hof vol. 2 (Amadeus) BP0705 / (XYZ) 1021

Group A
Albinoni, Sonata in A minor op. 6 no. 6, 1st movt: Adagio(Amadeus) BP1222
Anon., Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 14 & 15, Greensleeves to a Ground (Schott) ED 10596
J S Bach, Sonata in F, BWV 1031, 2nd movt: Siciliano (Nova) NM263
Ball, Spinning Croon, From the Hebrides (Peacock) PCB0034
Couperin, Le Rossignol en Amour [omitting double] and Le Rossignol Vainqueur (Universal) UE 12563
Golland, Blues, New World Dances (Forsyth) FGJ02
Graves, Festivo or Prelude, Divertimento (Schott) ED 10828
Hand, Burlesca, Sonata Piccola for Treble and Piano, op. 63 (Peacock) P148
Handel, Sonata in Bb, HWV 377, 1st movt: Allegro, Complete Sonatas (Bärenreiter) BA 4259
Handel, Sonata in C, HWV 365, 4th movt: A tempo di gavotta, Complete Sonatas (Bärenreiter) BA 4259
Leigh, Sonatina, 2nd movt: Larghetto, molto tranquillo (Schott) OFB 1041
Loeillet, Sonata no. 2 in D minor, 2nd movt: Allegro, Twelve Sonatas op. 1 nos 1–3 (Amadeus) BP575
Marcello, Allegro, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Montéclair, Deuxième Concert in D minor, Rondeau — un peu légèrement (Amadeus) BP0742
Sieber, Sonata II, 2nd movt: Corrente, Six Sonatas (Amadeus) BP0935
Staeps, Aria, Furioso, Gigue and Aria (Doblinger) FL37
Telemann, Andante, Recorder Anthology book 3 (Trinity) TG 009258
Telemann, Concerto in F major, 4th movt: Menuetts I and II (Peacock) PAR012
Valentine, Sonata in B♭, 4th movt: Giga, Sonatas by Old English Masters vol. 2 (Bärenreiter) HM209

Group B
Anon. ed. Giesbert, No. 11 or no. 15, 15 Solos by 18th Century Composers (Schott) ED 12216
Davis, Study no. 2, 15 Studies for Treble Recorder (Schott) ED 11480
Gal, Cantabile, no. 3 of Four Bagatelles, Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 1 (Forsyth) FZZ03
Ortiz, Recercada Segunda, 3 Recercadas (Dolce) DOL601
Telemann, Fantasia no. 11 in B♭, 3rd movt: Allegro, 12 Fantasias (Bärenreiter) BA 6440

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