Trinity Recorder Exams – Grade 6

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Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades Initial to 8
Trinity Sight reading, Treble Recorder Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Aural Test books Grades 6 to 6

Recorder Pieces for Grade 6
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition. Both descant and treble recorders must be played.

Group A
Bullard, Coffee & Croissants from Recipes for Descant Recorder and Piano (Forsyth) FBA01
Handel, Sonata in B♭, 2nd movt: Grave and 3rd movt: Allegro (Schott) ED 11713
Lane, Revelry from Suite Ancienne (Forsyth) FLP01
Marshall, Eve from The Garden of Eden (Peacock) PJT036
Merula, Sonata Prima from 2 Sonatas (Schott) OFB 187
Sammartini, Concerto in F, 2nd movt: [with cadenza] [cut orchestral intro](Schott) OFB 1021
Telemann, Sonata in A minor, TWV 41, 1st movt: Siciliana and 2nd movt: Spirituoso from Sonatas and Pieces (Bärenreiter) HM 7
Uccellini, Sonata Duodecima from Two Sonatas (Schott) OFB 186
Wilson, Just a Ballad for Joe from Creative Variations for Recorder vol. 2 (Camden) CM234

Group B
Duschenes, Study no. 7 from 12 Etudes for Descant Recorder (Berandol) BER1217
Gardner, Hornpipe from Dance Heptad from Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 2 (Forsyth) FZZ04
Gariboldi, Study no. 45 from 50 Graded Studies for Recorder (Faber) 571523188
Haverkate, Rumba, no. 1 from 12 Advanced Studies in Recorder Technique book 1 (Broekmans) BRP 1085
Haverkate, Presto, no. 9 from 12 Advanced Studies in Recorder Technique book 2 (Broekmans) BRP 1249
Heberle, Sonate Brillante: A la Menuetto (Hansen) WH29812
Van Eyck, Fantasia & Echo from Der Fluyten Lust-hof vol. 1 (Amadeus) BP0704 / (XYZ) 1013

Group A
Arnold, Sonatina op. 41, 1st movt: Cantilena (Novello) PAT60050
Corelli, Sonata IV, 3rd movt: Sarraband and 4th movt: Giga from Six Sonatas op. 5 vol. 2 (Schott) ED 12304
Finger, A Division on a Ground by Mr Finger from Divisions upon a Ground (Moeck) EM 2552
Graves, Soliloquy and Finale from Divertimento (Schott) ED 10828
Gregson, Pastoral, no. 1 from Three Matisse Impressions (Forsyth) FGE02
Hand, Sonata Concisa, 2nd movt: Andante cantabile (Mayhew) 3611197
Handel, Sonata in G minor, HWV 360, 1st movt: Larghetto and 2nd movt: Andante from Complete Sonatas for Recorder (Bärenreiter) BA 4259
Jacob, Pavane or Burlesca alla Rumba from Suite (Peacock) PD05
Loeillet, Sonata no. 9, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro from Twelve Sonatas op. 1 nos 7–9 (Amadeus) BP577
Mancini, Sonata IV in A minor, 3rd movt: Largo and 4th movt: Allegro Spiccato (Peacock) P137
Marshall, Siesta from The Garden of Eden (Peacock) PJT036
Milford, Allegro Moderato from Three Airs (OUP) 9780193578098
Montéclair, Suite in D minor, 1st movt: Prelude and 2nd movt: Allemande (Amadeus) BP742
Sammartini, Sonata in B♭, 1st movt: Allegro ma non tanto (Peacock) PAR203
J C Schultze, Concerto in G, 3rd movt: Vivace (Schott) OFB 93
Telemann, Sonata in F, 1st movt: Vivace from 4 Sonatas (Bärenreiter) HM6
Vivaldi, Il Gardellino Concerto, 3rd movt [treble or sopranino](Ricordi) NR13335800
Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor, RV 108, 2nd movt: Largo and 3rd movt: Allegro (Peacock) PAR016

Group B
Addison, Spring Dances 2 or 3 from Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 3 (Forsyth) FZZ17
Anon. ed. Giesbert, Capricio, no. 2 or Invention, no. 3 from 15 Solos by 18th-Century Composers (Schott) ED 12216
Linde, Music for a Bird (Schott) OFB 48
Quantz, Sonate VI in G minor, Giga from Fantasien und Capricen (Schott) OFB 204
Ridout, Sonatina, 2nd movt or 3rd movt from Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 2 (Forsyth) FZZ04
Telemann, Fantasia no. 3 in D minor, 2nd movt: Allegro from 12 Fantasias (Bärenreiter) BA 6440
Thorn, Forestry in New England, 1st movt [for bass recorder](Orpheus) OMP 055

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