Trinity Recorder Exams – Grade 7

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Recorder Pieces for Grade 7
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition. Both descant and treble recorders must be played.

Group A
Bullard, Mexican Hat Dance from Hat Box (Forsyth) FBA05
Dieupart, Suite in G: Overture (Moeck) EM1002
Edmunds, Sonatina for Descant Recorder and Piano (Schott) ED 10042
Fontana, Sonata Prima from Venetian Music about 1600 (Schott) OFB 122
Handel, Sonata in G op. 1 no. 5 HWV 363b, 3rd movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro [to be played in this order] (Peacock) PAR201D
Miles, Sideways On from Creative Variations for Recorder vol. 2 (Camden) CM234
Poser, Serenade from Sonatine no. 1 for Descant Recorder & Piano (Sikorski) SIK0381
Rose, The Kid from Venezuela (Universal) UE 19930
Turner, Hornpipe from Four Diversions for Descant and Piano (Forsyth) FTJ01
Wetherell, Sonatina, 3rd movt: Tarantella (Forsyth) FWE01
Wilson, After Charlie … Joe from Creative Variations for Recorder, vol. 2 (Camden) CM234

Group B
Davis, Study no. 1 from 15 Studies for Descant Recorder (Schott) ED 12432
Haverkate, Jive, no. 4 from 12 Advanced Studies in Recorder Technique book 1 (Broekmans) BRP 1085
Kuhlau, Study no. 47 from 50 Graded Studies for Recorder (Faber) 0571523188
Lechner, Any four sections from Traum und Tag (Moeck) EM 436
Marcussen, Bekkeblom from A Norwegian Herbarium [must be played on Tenor] from Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 3 (Forsyth) FZZ17
Marcussen, Soterot from A Norwegian Herbarium from Pieces for Solo Recorder vol. 3 (Forsyth) FZZ17
Van Eyck, Engels nachtegaelitje [complete] or Pavaen Lachrymae from Der Fluyten Lust-hof vol. 1 >(Amadeus) BP704 / (XYZ) 1013

Group A
Arnold, Sonatina op. 41, 3rd movt: Rondo (Novello) PAT60050
Barsanti, Sonata in B♭, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Non tanto allegro from Italian Baroque Music for Treble Recorder (Bärenreiter) HM 250
Blavet, Sonata in D minor op. III no. 2, 1st movt: Andante e spiccato and 2nd movt: Allegro (Doblinger) DM 1221
Bowen, Sonata op. 121, 1st movt: Moderato (Emerson) E113
Fulton, Nocturne from Scottish Suite (Schott) ED 10466
Gál, Andantino, no. 1 from 3 Intermezzi (Schott) OFB 134
Hand, Sonatina no. 1 op. 41, 1st movt (Peacock) P178
Handel, Sonata in A minor HWV 362, 3rd movt: Adagio and 4th movt: Allegro from Complete Sonatas for Recorder (Bärenreiter) BA 4259
Jacob, Sonatina, 1st movt: Allegro (Studio) M050032588
Marcello, Sonata in F op. 2 no. 12: Ciaconna Allegro (Amadeus) BP2059
Marshall, The Serpent and A Little Temptation from The Garden of Eden) [must be played on both treble and sopranino] (Peacock) PJT036
Murrill, Sonata for Treble Recorder, 1st movt: Largo and 2nd movt: Presto (Peacock) PD 06
Schickhardt, Sonata in A minor op. 17 no. 3, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allemanda (Moeck) EM 1082
Sieber, Sonata no. 1, 1st movt: Prelude and 2nd movt: Corrente from Six Sonatas (Amadeus) BP 935
Staeps, Sonata in E♭, 1st movt: Ruhig bewegt (Universal) UE 12603
Telemann, Sonatina in A minor, 1st movt: Andante and 2nd movt: Allegro from 2 Sonatinen für Blockflöte (Schott) OFB 181
Telemann, Concerto di Camera, 1st movt: Allegro (Peacock) PAR014-01
Veracini, Sonata in A minor, 1st movt: Overtura from 3 Sonatas of the Italian Baroque (Schott) OFB 170
Vivaldi, Sonata in G minor op. 13a no. 6, RV 58, 1st movt and 2nd movt from Italian Baroque Music for Treble Recorder (Bärenreiter) HM 250

Group B
Anon. ed. Giesbert, No. 5 or no. 7 (Largo & Double) or no. 8 from 15 Solos by 18th Century Composers (Schott) ED 12216
Boismortier, Première Suite: Prelude and Rondeau – Charites from Six Suites, op. 35 (Schott) OFB 147
Davis, Study no. 5 from 15 Studies for Treble Recorder (Schott) ED 11480
Greaves, Melancholy Piper from Pieces for Solo Recorder, vol. 4 (Forsyth) FZZ18
Mays, Marokawia’s Lament from Moon Dances (Moseler) MOS22612
Rose, Optometrist from I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia (Universal) UE 30214
Staeps, Virtuoso Suite for Solo Treble, 1st movt or 2nd movt (Schott) OFB 95
Telemann, Fantasia no. 10 in A minor, 1st movt: A tempo guisto from 12 Fantasias (Bärenreiter) BA 6440

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