Trinity Recorder Exams – Grade 8

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Recorder Pieces for Grade 8
Three pieces are to be played, two pieces from group A and one piece from group B, to form a balanced programme. Instead of one piece, candidates may offer an own composition. Both descant and treble recorders must be played.

Group A
Babell, Sonata I, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Vivace from 12 Sonatas nos. 1–3 (Amadeus) BP 334
Bowen, Sonata op. 121, 3rd movt: Allegro giocoso (Emerson) E113
Bullard, Top Hat Quadrille from Hat Box (Forsyth) FBA05
Dubery, Sonatina, 1st movt: Allegro (Peacock) PJT 009
Golland, Bossa (Nova) from New World Dances (Forsyth) FGJ02
Hedges, Three Concert Miniatures, no. 1: Allegro (Peacock) PJT054
Sammartini, Concerto for Descant in F, 1st movt: Allegro (Schott) OFB 1021
Uccellini, Sonata overo Toccata sesta from 2 Sonatas (Schott) OFB 186
Wilson, Funky Joe from Creative Variations for Recorder vol. 2 (Camden) CM234

Group B
Davis, Study no. 9 from 15 Studies for Descant Recorder (Schott) ED 12432
Evans, Snave’s Violetta Tango from A Rose in Phrygian Nines and Snave’s Violetta Tango (Orpheus) OMP 089
Haverkate, Adagio Recitativo, no. 11 from 12 Advanced Studies in Recorder Technique book 2 (Broekmans) BRP 1249
Heberle, Sonate brillante for Descant Recorder, 1st movt: Adagio (Carus) 11.212
Leenhouts, Big Baboon, 3rd movt: The Zoo [for tenor recorder](Moeck) EM 2809
Van Eyck, Wat Zalmen op den Avond doen [2nd version, finishing with demi-semiquaver variation and omitting modos in 3 time] from Der Fluyten Lust-hof vol. 2 (Amadeus) BP705 / (XYZ) 1021

Group A
Barsanti, Sonata in C op. 1 no. 2, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro (Bärenreiter) BAHM 183
Bate, Sonatina, 1st movt: Allegro (Schott) ED 10040
Berkeley, Sonatina, op.13, 1st movt: Moderato (Schott) OFB 1040
Bowen, Sonatina for Recorder op. 121, 2nd movt: Andante tranquillo (Emerson) E118
Castrucci, Sonata op. 1 no. 5, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro from 2 Sonatas (Universal) UE 19931
Chopin, Variations on ‘Non Più Mesta’ from Extraordinary Encores (Dolce) DOL 119
Corelli, Sonata in C op. 5 no. 3, 1st movt: Adagio and 2nd movt: Allegro [the ornamented recorder line must be played](Musica Rara) MR1664
Corelli, Sonata in F op. 5 no. 4, 1st movt and 2nd movt from 12 Sonatas op. 5, vol. 2. Sonatas 3 and 4) [the ornamented recorder line must be played](Heinrichshofen) N4092
Hand, Sonatina no. 1 op. 41, 2nd movt: Slowly and expressively and 3rd movt: With wit and vigour(Peacock) P178
Handel, Sonata in D minor, HWV 367a, 1st movt: Largo and 3rd movt: Furioso from Complete Sonatas for Recorder (Bärenreiter) BA 4259
Jacob, Prelude & English Dance from Suite (Peacock) PD05
Maute, Once there was a child (Ascolta) ASC38B
Reizenstein, Partita, 2nd movt: Sarabande and 3rd movt: Bourrée (Schott) OFB1014
Sammartini, Sonata in G, 2nd movt: Andante and 3rd movt: Minuet con Variazioni (Peacock) PAR 202
Sollima, Sonata, 2nd movt: Andante cantabile (Schott) OFB 127
Telemann, Methodical Sonata op. 13 no. 3 in G minor, 1st movt: Grave [ornamented line] and 4th movt: Vivace (Bärenreiter) BA 6437 Out Of Print
Telemann, Sonata in C, TWV 41:C 2, 3rd movt: Grave and 4th movt: Vivace from 4 Sonatas (Bärenreiter) HM 6
Vivaldi, Concerto no. 1 in F ‘La tempesta di mare’, 3rd movt: Presto (Schott) FTR 79
Vivaldi, Concerto in A minor, RV 108, 1st movt: Allegro (Peacock) PAR016

Group B
Anon., Allemande, no. 10 from 15 Solos by 18th Century Composers (Schott) ED 12216
J S Bach, Bourrée Anglaise from Partita BWV 1013 (Bärenreiter) BA 6432
Ball, Caprice on a Baroque Theme, no. 11 or Impromptu Humoresque, no. 12 from 12 Studies for Treble Recorder (Peacock) PCB0001
Davis, Sonata, 3rd movt (Hinrichsen) N 2291
Dinescu, Immaginabile (Schott) OFB 207
Flinn, Round Dance from Lullaby and Dances (Peacock) PJT048
Marcussen, Rosenrot from A Norwegian Herbarium [must be played on sopranino] from Pieces for Solo Recorder. vol. 3 (Forsyth) FZZ17
Mays, Song of the Dancing Skunk from Moon Dances (Moseler) MOS22612
Quantz, Sonate no. 1 in G minor, 1st movt: Allemande from Fantasien und Capricen (Schott) OFB 204
Rose, Lunch from I’d Rather Be In Philadelphia (Universal) UE 30214
Telemann, Fantasia no. 3 in D minor, 1st movt: Largo — vivace from 12 Fantasias (Bärenreiter) BA 6440
Thorn, Chocolate Bulbul, 2nd movt (Orpheus) OMP 032

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