Trinity Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Cornet : Grade 7

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Trinity Sight reading Grades 1 to 8
Trinity Aural Test books Grades 6 to8

Trinity Scales and Arpeggios – Grades 1 to 8
Orchestral or Brass Band Extracts (music may be used)
Candidates prepare all extracts for trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn.
Candidates choose one extract to play first. Examiners then select one of the remaining two prepared extracts to be performed.
Trumpet extracts must be played on a B♭ trumpet. Candidates must perform from the publication rather than a transposed version.

1. Brahms: Sinfonie Nr. 2, 1. Satz (page 14, trumpet in D: bars 282–298)
2. Strauss: Ein Heldenleben (page 48, trumpet in E♭: from seven bars before Fig. 50 to six bars after Fig. 54)
3. Tschaikowsky: Pique Dame (page 68, offstage trumpet in B♭: bars 13–18)
Extracts from Orchester Probespiel (Peters) EP8664

B♭ cornet
1. Ireland: Comedy Overture (no. 7, passages 1 & 2)
2. Ball: Tournament for Brass (no. 44, passage 3)
3. Bourgeois: Diversions for Brass Band (no. 13, passages 1 & 2)
Extracts from Our Heritage vol. 1 (Con Moto) CMT2001

1. Ball: Tournament for Brass (no. 43, passages 1 & 3)
2. Bourgeois: Blitz (no. 3, passage 5)
3. Gregson: Dances and Arias (no. 8, passages 1 & 2)
Extracts from Our Heritage vol. 5 (Con Moto) CMT2005


Trumpet, Flugel Horn and Cornet Pieces for Grade 7

Candidates perform a balanced programme of three pieces: two accompanied pieces from group A and one unaccompanied piece from group B. An own composition may be played instead of one listed piece.
Pieces marked ? can be found in the Grade 7 Exam Book (Trinity) TCL018939

Group A (accompanied)
Balay, Andante et Allegro [complete](Leduc) AL22802
Bernstein, Rondo for Lifey (Boosey) M060071379
Bozza, Badinage, Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Burgon, Toccata (Stainer) H154
Butterworth, Fanfare and Berceuse, Contemporary Music for Trumpet (Boosey) M060065385
Cafolla, Caffelatte (Forton) FM404
Ellerby, Experiments, Mercurial Dances (Brass Wind) 2113
Fantini, Sonata detta del Niccolini, The Baroque Trumpet (Faber) 0571517048
Fiala, Divertimento in D, 2nd movt: Allegro (Faber) 0571510442
Gorb, Chikona, A Tango to Bali (Brass Wind) 1124
Graham, A Time for Peace, Gramercy Solo Album B♭ (Gramercy) GM59007
Himes, Concertino for Flugel Horn & Brass Band, 1st movt: Rondo Burlesca (Studio) M050012139
Hoddinott, Arietta, Little Suite (Brass Wind) 2104
Hubeau, Sonate, 2nd movt: Intermède [flutter tonguing optional] (Durand) DF01320900
Jessel, Parade of the Tin Soldiers, Transatlantic Trumpet (Goodmusic) GM092
Kelly, Intrada, no. 1 and March, no. 2, Divertimento (Novello) NOV120580
Morrison, Buster Strikes Back (MfB) 117779D
Moszkowski, Danza Alegre, Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Neruda, Concerto for Trumpet & Strings, 2nd movt: Largo (Musica Rara) MR1817
Ridout, Concertino for Flugelhorn and Strings, 2nd movt: Energico, Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Stoker, Prelude and Scherzo, Festival Suite (Studio Music) M050034261
Warren, Scherzo (Emerson) E585
Wilkinson, Taurus, the Bull (from Constellations Set II), Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Wilson, Blues Boulevard, Bebop to Rock (Spartan) SP479
Wilson-Dickson, Absinth or Festival Orange, Swatch (Brass Wind) 2159
Zubiaurre, Audition Piece (Brass Wind) 4107

Group B (unaccompanied)
Arban, Study no. 10, 14 Studies for Cornet (Boosey) M060010378
Balay, Study no. 3 or Study no. 4, 15 Etudes (Leduc) AL14960
Barnard, Minor Scales, Arpeggios and Diminished Sevenths (no. 40 from Trumpet Hanon), Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Bourgeois, No. 3, Presto, Fantasy Pieces for Trumpet (Brass Wind) 3102
Brandt, Study no. 2 or Study no. 17, 34 Studies for Trumpet (IMC) 1391
Howarth, No. 8, The Elgar Howarth Way (Brass Wind) 6031
Kopprasch, Study no. 35 or no. 38, 60 Studies for Trumpet vol. 2 (IMC) 2105
McKenzie, Klezmer, Rhythms of Life (Con Moto) CMT1007
McKenzie, Malaguena, Trumpet, Cornet & Flugelhorn Exam Pieces 2019–2022 Grade 7 ?
Nightingale, Guacamole, Strictly Trumpety Tudes (Warwick) TR071
Sieber, No. 17, Vocalises (De Haske) DHP1125058-400
Vizzutti, Funk, 20 Dances for Trumpet (De Haske) DH991786
Vizzutti, Study no. 2 of Advanced Etudes, p. 61 or Study no. 3 of Rhythmic Etudes, p. 23, Trumpet Method book 3: Melodic Studies (Alfred) 3393

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