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The links below will take you to parts of the site where you can find extra resources for music exams and additional study and tuition guides. If you have come across a resource that you have personally found very useful please let us know by contacting us with that information.

  • Do you want to improve your Sight Reading?
  • Aural tests are another area that always needs improvement. We’ve gathered some of the best series around and put them in our Aural Resources Centre
  • Whether you’re into Classical, Jazz, Folk, Blues, or Rock and Pop, Scales are essential to everyone.
  • Whatever you play it always helps to know why things are as they are. Music Theory can help that understanding
  • Performers know that being on stage is like taking an exam in front of lots of people. But whether you’re on stage or in an exam Kate Jones could help in Keeping Your Nerve!

Harp Scales and Arpeggios

Teaching Resources

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